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Can heroes benefit from their aura buffs?



Hey all!

So the errata for the general's handbook states that heroes themselves can take advantage of the alliance traits. For example, the destruction trait wording is something along the lines of "any destruction unit within 6" of a hero gets to make an extra  move of D6 in the hero phase.  The errata made it clear that the hero gets the buff as well even though it's not stated in the description of the rule.

My question is does this include other buffs of similar wording. For example, does the warboss on wyvern benefit from his WAAAGH! command ability whereby all orruk units within 12" get an extra attack for all of their melee weapons. On that note, if so, because the warboss on wyvern is one model with the orruk keyword, that would mean that the wyvern gets buffed as well correct?


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Yes, they do get the buff, as stated in the AoS faq:



It's a little weird because some heroes and units' buffs explicitly refer to the model casting the buff and units in range benefiting from it and some just refer to units in range getting the buff, but according the the faq the model casting an area of effect buff does get to reap the benefits (assuming they meet the qualifiers!). 

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