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Hight elf 2000


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Hi all, my brother will play vs my dark elfs soon..i think his list is pretty good, maybe a little strange but it can be good for competitive game too..what do u think, can he change something?:)

lord gryphon 220

anointed on flamespyre 280

Loremaster 100

2x5 ellyrion reavers 320

2x5 dragon blades

10 silverhelms 280

4 repeater bolt thrower 480

 tot 2000

The idea is try to deal mortal wounds with anointed and bolt throwers, dragon blades will take objective easy I think and they will kill light infantry , reavers and archer support fights and silver helm with mystic shild for big charge!! Any suggestions?:)


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I think your list looks pretty good, 30 cavalry running around with good missile support from the bolt throwers, not to mention a griffon and a phoenix flying around causing trouble.  With a lack of infantry your bolt throwers may find themselves exposed but then there is plenty in that list for your opponent to worry about.


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Bolt throwers have been disappointing for me. People are scared of them though, and seem to recklessly try and take them out. I have been using them as bait, drawing enemy units in to the corners of the board and away from objectives. How do you plan to defend yours?

Archers and silverhelms haven't done much in my games.

I love ellyrian reavers though, harassing units and taking objectives with them has been a lot of fun.

Loremaster and Hands of Glory spell buffing something big and scary is my favourite high elf combo. You might want to consider?

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I edit the list, loremaster instead of archmage ( i picked him because i wanna shild but with loremaster i can shild or hand of glory..and + 20 points..so... I can 4 bolt thrower!

- how u def them? My list is so fast..annointed for ex can support,or griphon..or 1 unit of dragonprince..tell me if u like new idea:)

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