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Age of Sigmar Facebook Groups - List

Tronhammer NZ

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Just wanted to collect links to some of the awesome Facebook groups out there. There has been a lot of action on them for the past few months, and (until now at least) have replaced the old forums as my go-to online hobby homes.


Official AOS

Official Age of Sigmar Facebook Page


General AOS

Age of Sigmar Fan Group
Warhammer: The Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar
The Andy & Rem Show
Age of Sigmar Battle Reports
Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar


Faction Specific AOS

Age Of Sig Zharr (age of sigmar chaos dwarfs)
Fyreslayers (Age of Sigmar)
Destruction Grand Alliance
Death Grand Alliance
Beastclaw Raiders
Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth
Attendants at Court: An Age of Sigmar Flesh Eaters Community
Stormcast Eternals
Chaos Grand Alliance - Warhammer Age of Sigmar


Regional AOS


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Australia
Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Sydney Australia
Melbourne Age of Sigmar
Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: QLD


Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Toronto
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Ontario, Canada


Age of Sigmar France


Warhammer Age of Sigmar Greece


Warhammer / Age of Sigmar Germany


Age of Sigmar - Malta

New Zealand

Age of Sigmar New Zealand community
Greywater Fastness (NZ AoS Tourney Group)


Oslo Age of Sigmar
Warhammer i Bergen


Warhammer : Age of Sigmar - Polska


Age Of Sigmar Göteborg

United Kingdom

Age of Sigmar Northwest UK
Bristol Age Of Sigmar

United States of America

NorCal Age of Sigmar
Northwest Age of Sigmar
Age of Sigmar - St. Louis Area


Trading AOS

Age Of Sigmar Buy Swap & Sell


Specialist AOS

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

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On 15/08/2016 at 6:09 PM, Antipodean7 said:

Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1165862113471935/

Cheers, Tim :) @Tronhammer NZ

Done, and


6 hours ago, Beardbattered said:

Age of Sigmar: Beastclaw Raiders group 



I'll track down the other Faction FB groups when I have a few moments between editing Players Packs haha

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