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Forces of change.


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With the likely release of new tzeentch kits approaching I've delved deep into my book of lists and decided to redo some of my tzeentch lists.

I've looked into the silver tower units for tzeentch and I'm unsure on them there is no points cost for them currently but I expect it'll be around the 100 points for the tzaangors and 60 for the Kairic Acolytes,

This is based off their unit sizes and abilities compared to similar unit sizes of chaos and their abilities.

That said,

do tzaangors have a place ? they have low bravery, a meh stat line and meh save.

The same as Kairic Acolytes.

Or are they just weaker than their counterparts for the same cost ?

I get the feeling battalions are going to improve these units are fair amount, but until then we won't know.

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1 minute ago, Bowlzee said:

They did give points for them in a Facebook release. But treat these as temp points for now.


..use the rules and points of the following units to represent them... so not really, more here are our suggestions for "count as".

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I hope both get some kind of rules tweak for their 'official' arcanites debut. 60pts is probably a little cheap for Kairic Acolytes if they keep their current unit size and shooting attack. It might be fair to say 60 points with a base unit size of 8, which would be doubly convenient as it'd mean that the Silver Tower set included one full squad.

I also agree with the general sentiment that Tzaangors are a bit underwhelming. The models are fantastic, but they're so detail-rich that the thought of including a horde of them in an army is a bit daunting. It seems like they'd be better suited to filling the same role as Blood Warriors. Not sure how they get there, though. Possibly some Tzaangor heroes to help buff them, like Heralds already do for Daemons? Or Battalions, as you suggest.

Finally: as far as Tzeentch mortals go in general, it feels like there's a space for a third unit we haven't seen yet, possibly a dual kit? Stormcast have all of the different options that build out of a Paladin, and Bloodbound have Skullreapers/Wrathmongers. There are Chaos Warriors in enchanted suits of armour in Call of Archaon, so I'd love to see something like that. Alternatively, maybe Tzaanbulls? That's basically what the Ogroid Thaumaturge is, after all.

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Hell no!! I want someone similar as the 40k new warlock models. We have the ogroid traumaturge and the bulls, dont need more bulls, need a kit of bull heros with all marks, khornebull, slaaneshbull, nurglebull etc.

This hero was awesome, but I dont see a unit of ogroid traumaturges, I see it more like a hero.

I want see new mortal of tzeentz stuff too, not only beastmens. 

For me the best way of throw Chaos new stuff (except skavens) is:

Select a God, throw one mortal hero, one mortal battleline unit, like acolites and bloodreaver.

Then throw one beastmen hero and one beastmen unit from this God.

when u did this throw one elite unit for one of this 2 faction, if is mortal, the batleline unit must be squishy and the beastmen unit need to be stronger (like the tzaangors).

If you do this way you give a lot of combinations. with the keyword gor and mortal. Because a lot of people play only mortal of one God, or only daemons, or only beastmens. 

And if u want play more for tzeentz keyword you can combine them.

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