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Realms at War 2016 - Results & Feedback Thread


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(Event thread here: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/208-realms-at-war-legends/)2ebr51t.jpg





We'd like to use this thread to hear your personal thoughts of the event, both the good and the bad. Especially the bad so we can make RAW17 even better. We'll be sending out an email to all attendees with a more detailed survey where we nail down certain aspects of the weekend.

But for now, thanks for attending and please let us know your immediate thoughts on how it went!

Jimbo - @jimbo9jimbo
Mitzy - @EATBATSMitzy
Ming - @Thornshield
Steve - @tinracersteve


Podcast Reviews:

Age of SigBrah - https://thelostlighthouse.com/2016/11/25/age-of-sigbrah-ep-31-billy-claw-raiders/

Hard6 - https://soundcloud.com/hard6/episode-25

HeelanHammer - http://heelanhammer.com/ep164/

HobbyHammer - http://www.hobbyhammer.com/2016/11/podcast-prologue-episode-ohh-baby-i.html

The Black Sun - http://theblacksun.co.uk/160117-realms-at-war-16-neo-report/




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Well I won an award so clearly I think it was awesome!  I think it may have been one of the best events I have ever been to, the amount of effort you all put into it was just mind blowing,  all the tables having individual rules really added to each game and the quality of the tables themselves made you want to play on all of them, when we could choose what tables to play on on the first day it was really tough to choose.  All of my opponents had the right frame of mind and wanted to play in a way that would make it a cool story.  The highlight of the weekend was wiping out my opponents whole army and still having a major loss as I couldn't roll higher than a 1 on a D3!

Hope to see you all at the next one!

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I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time at probably the best event we have seen for a long time.

Great things

Packs were great but a little complicated (especially if you didn't read them like me)

Scenarios were all fantastic and being able to jump around tables was great

The tables were the best tables we've seen hands down.

All organisers were upbeat and helpful at all times

Prize support was great

Everyone played in the spirit of AoS

Mitzy dancing with Ming

Not so great things (but these are all after trying to find fault)

I would say that there could have been more food

Painting awards should require the voting slips to have the players name who is voting on it to stop club mates pooling for votes

A larger % of points at the narrative event should be painting, maybe extra points for nominated armies, or just a "wow factor" category as ultimately pretty much everyone ticked all required painting elements but some (like Bish) should definitely have got a few more points than someone who did the bare minimum

Team scenarios were a bit meh and probably just wasted a bit of time

Being able to play in a "team" with club mates for a top team award would be cool

A tally of points killed by legend and a most bloody award for the legend would also be a real incentive to get him into combat, I felt the scenarios favoured keeping him alive and you really want to get it stuck in!


Other than that I just want to say thanks for everything and there will be a full review on the podcast due out on friday 25th.




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Initial thoughts....

Good points:

Venue / location

Venue was great, light, modern, clean, IT equipment all working and clear display and audio equipment.

Location, great, lots of options around for alternative lunch / snacks / breakfast etc.

Terrain / table

No question, best tables ever, scenery was impeccable and the attention to detail was incredible.


The whole principle of aspirant and legend, the narrative behind the event was outstanding the work that went into the realms, individual table rules was fantastic, the mechanics between moving between realms was a fantastic idea.

TO's were helpful, upbeat and in plentiful supplies, always on call. (despite me not pleasing my respective God, must work on that before next event)

Great narrative play, all opponents played to the weekends intentions and were all fun.

Personalised player packs, little extra tokens / dice / vouchers, lovely touch.

Wasn't overly fond on team scenarios and just added another rule that was forgot most games.

The helpful points, (minor in the scheme of things):

Space was limited for boxes, realm gates, boxes, dead pile, books and bags, I never wanted to put my box on the table in case of damaging the matts or scenery, perhaps more tables around the perimeter to assist next time?

Times between games was a little short, especially to find out what table you was on, build a list to those points, read the rules for that table, rules for that game, then find out team scenario etc., was a little to much to take in, in the time given. Fully understand the reasons for not releasing sooner and lists being built to suite a chosen realm, but perhaps the Friday night the Saturdays rules could be revealed and on Saturday night, Sundays games could have been revealed. allowing a chance to read the rules prior to playing.

Agree totally with: "A tally of points killed by legend and a most bloody award for the legend would also be a real incentive to get him into combat, I felt the scenarios favoured keeping him alive and you really want to get it stuck in! "

Overall, for a first AOS tourney scene I loved it, 6 great games, 7 great opponents and fun had all weekend, despite loosing the last game before even having a turn and rolling a single dice.

Where do I sign up for the next one......





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Brilliant weekend,  such a great hobby event.  From the moment all the realms were revealed, until the final game it didn't relent.  The effort from the TO's to provide a full narrative experience was superb.  I wanted something different, something that doesn't normally happen.  This was the event that delivered. So thank you to everyone who ran it and everyone who attended for making it what it was.

From charging units on the board next door,  Teleporting into other games, rampaging Bison, it all happened!  I put so many faces to twitter names,  met a huge bunch of new cool gamers,  the weekend delivered everything.

Was everthing perfect? No as always a few snaggles happened, but for event 1 from a new team it went pretty darned well

So what I liked

Narrative progression, the tale of the hero was key.  Really accepting that and building on him was for me the best part of the weekend.

Terrain/tables - Top notch, haven't seen, and doubt you will see better.

TO interaction, Every one of you guys spent time to talk with me on more than 1 occasion, I never felt that I couldn't ask a question, report a heroic deed, or beg for fame!

Prizes - Loads of them, top notch trophies as well.  And that RAW belt was awesome.

Things for next year

Timings - I think this was a general concensus,  The keep it hidden until before the game scenarios, meant we needed time to work stuff out.  10-15 minutes prep befor each game needed to be factored in.  Also the 'faction' meet up needed time as well.

6 games - really not a huge fan, It was a great tale, to tell over 6, but I am a bit of an old git and my brain hurt!

Personally  I would like the scoring to reflect the fluff even more, and the painters should have an equal share, but so should the narrative writers.  Almost a 30/30/30 split between gaming painting and background/pre or in game storytelling, with 10% for extra bits and bobs (lists on time, etc etc).  Game results giving much less of a bearing on the winner.  A truly epic painter and storyteller should be able to win RAW, even if they do poorly in the gaming. 

I liked the doubles, gave me a chance to get to know 3 other epic gamers,  but being able to pick a partner would be a good addition, and even help with the narritive.  But am aware some of the other games didn't quite go like that (how many crypt horrors!)

Not all aspirants were equal, ranger and esp commander really had a hard time of it. 


General Comments

Food - Was OK for me, not the best I have had, but certainly not the worst.  The added stuff for breakfast provided was a nice touch.

Location - Gaming room was superb, no gamer funk even day 2 game 3, and the outside chill out area was top notch.  Parking is a ******, but you really can't do anything about it I guess.

Evening activities - there was a bit of yes/no on the staying later on Sat eve at the venue. It's one of those as long as people know for definate before the event they can plan.  Bring your own beer favours staying at the venue imo, but it does depend on the staffing of the venue obviously.

Numbers - I actually think 40 was a spot on number for the event, many more would have stretched the resources, and kinda diluted the atmosphere I think.

I will be back 100% next year, hopefully the narritive continues from this one and my champion can continue his tale.


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Really enjoyed it as did all the bunker boys, and I know I will be back next year and I expect they will too.


Great location, plenty of space but as others have said, I would stick to 40 players as it would get cramped otherwise.


Parking was pricey on Saturday but then it was free on Sunday on a side road so it balanced out ok so no problems here.


the effort you guys went to was amazing, if anything I could say that there was "too much" to go through for each war zone and remember.


i would be tempted to reduce to 5 games, two bigger ones on the Sunday as the brain was definitely fried by the end haha

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Morning all,

Firstly a massive massive thanks to the 4 Tournament Event Organisers for this mammoth undertaking - @Thornshield@Mitzy@Jimbo@Devilreefman - From inception to implementation, the effort and attention to detail put in by these 4 has been truly phenomenal. What a team.

Before I get onto all the good stuff, I would like to apologise for not being myself this weekend.
Unfortunately I haven't felt all that great over the last couple of weeks but had built this event up so much in my mind and was really looking forward to hanging out with some of my mates (even more so when my bae @Forestreveries came along for the ride!), catching up with a bunch of guys I haven't seen for a while and then meeting a whole host of new guys and having a blast with everyone.

I managed to have some drinks on Friday, which was nice but it was more a case of papering over the cracks really and I just couldn't do it on Saturday - to clarify, I was not hungover which I think some people thought! Hangovers don't phase me at tournaments as you can just drink through them and have yet more fun! As much as I felt unwell physically, I was also pretty emotionally down because I think I'd put a lot of pressure on myself to have this awesome weekend and I just couldn't.
So I'm sorry for not really engaging with anyone, including my opponents, being generally withdrawn and most shockingly, turning down drinks!!

Anyway, #emo aside...

The event itself was great. I think the tables were utterly stunning, genuinely the best I've played on and let's not forget I've been to Waaagh! Paca in the US twice, which is renowned for it's amazing tables and terrain. You guys did a seriously great job here.
I think it was quite widely accepted that overall it was a little paperwork intensive. I get the intent behind keeping a lot of it hidden to reveal on the weekend etc, but I do think a bit more openess beforehand would've resulted not in people tailoring etc, but more just people being more clued up and better prepared.
The battleplans were something that possibly need a bit of work if I'm honest. Again, if you want to keep them secret (which is cool I think) perhaps just consult a select group for feedback or even playtesting. A couple were non games results wise, though I don't think it stopped people playing it out and having a laugh as the results probably were secondary to most people as the event was taken in the right spirits, which is great.
As far as army lists, there was a wide variety...from regular tournament lists to full on fluff/themed lists. I think perhaps there could be more guidance or even stricter guidelines just to make sure everyone is more on the same page.
I would definitely suggest leaving out battleline as this does allow for more interesting builds. The only person who "abused" the lack of battleline was @Forestreveries and that's only because he was literally a last minute replacement for a dropout and couldn't field Alarielle so was tight on painted units.
I thought the venue and food were both good - whilst I wasn't about this time so it didn't effect me, in future I would like to see the venue held open later if possible to keep everyone together, that's always nice IMO.
6 games is too many IMO. Even though some are smaller, it still very much felt like 6 games (actually more like 60000000 after that doubles game!!!). I would also probably like to see more of an escalation format personally; 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2400 etc.

I would've liked to have seen soft scores make more of a difference. Even though it's listed as 40% gaming, it actually equates to much more than that, as of the remaining 60%, about 35%+ will be achieved by everyone making the variance on the results much more of a swing than it initially looks. If that makes sense!

I think that's about it for feedback for now? I'll add anything I've forgotten later.
Overall though the event was really really good, please don't take the above as me thinking otherwise whatsoever; I'm only mentioning minor negatives as you've asked! :P 

Thanks to my opponents;

@Nathan - Complete rockstar. So much enthusiasm and energy. This game embraced the event fully with shenanigans on other tables etc. Gutted I couldn't give Nathan and the game what it deserved. I felt this battleplan was a little luck based, due to the randomness of the gates lighting up. Still, I could've won but instead charged my Ghoul King into a Mangler Squig instead...that Mangler Squig literally killed my army!!

@Shurse - Cheddar fiend. His completely inability to roll dice robbed us of a game. Still nice to hang with you and chat some FFTCG and Wrestling!

@Tom Hewitt & Mark (@?) and my partner @jay6  - Oh boy, dat game!! 33 Crypt Horrors should never be allowed on a table together anywhere, let alone at a narrative event. Shame on us all. You know it's bad when the dude with 12 Flamers is the good guy!! ;) 

@Moon - Great to play you Owyn. I feel ours could've been a great "tournament" style game, however the battleplan made it essentially 5 roll offs ftw!! Bit of an odd one IMO.

@KyeBaker - Utter hero. Instant lolz had me feeling the most like myself all weekend. Great game and a thoroughly deserving Best Sportsman.

@Bishmeister - So nice to meet you, see your super cool army and get to play you. Again, this one was another none event with you taking the leylines turn 1, but we still had some fun pushing toys around a bit after that.

So yeh, what a bunch of top guys there for sure. I would love to play you all again when I feeling well, I know I'd have a great time with all of you.

Painting wise, I thought there was a lot of sweet stuff on display including some really nice armies that, IMO, were unfortunate to miss out on a nomination, but I understand the need to draw the line. 8/40 is spot on I reckon.
I was really proud to be able to set my army out for you. Whilst not in anyway a "best painted" contender, I'm pleased that my effort and immersion into the army came through to some of you guys and you liked it as well - thanks so much for anyone that voted, it really does mean a lot and it was a complete honour to take second place in that field. I definitely appreciated the distinction between "Best Army" and "Best Painted"!!
I guess it shows that if you have a strong theme in mind and a vision for executing it, you can achieve results through committment as opposed to technical ability. That's not to say it doesn't take hard work, dedication and lots of man hours - it does!!

Well done to all the winners both in gaming and painting, trophies were nice as well. Special shout outs to

Just once again, a big thanks to the 4 organisers, Ming's lovely lady and the other 39 players in attendance you've all done your bit to make something special here and I can't wait for next year.

Much love,
Chris x

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Thanks for the feedback so far guys. We really appreciate it and we are definitely taking all the comments as constructive criticism as we want RAW17 to be a significant improvement (and RAW17 has already been discussed!!).

Please keep the comments coming as it really helps us to refine the event in order to make RAW17 as fun, as exciting and as beautiful as possible!


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Thanks again to everyone that made the weekend such a fantastic event! Jimbo, Steve, Ming, Sing, Mitzy and everyone else that made this weekend possible!

This weekend was the best games of AoS I've played. The quality of scenery, every table having a battle mat and I thought everyone played the event in the right spirit made it brilliant! (Even Jay with his filth unit of 12 crypt horrors in our 1000pts game!) 6 games over 2 days is always a long and tiring one but I felt breaking it up with varying points values and a doubles game was great.

The venue was great and the room layout worked well. Having that separate seating area just outside was really good to be able to take a quick break. Having hot drinks, water, fruit and snacks available was really good as well. Food options were fine but would of liked to of seen some green options on the Saturday.

I did feel like there was a bit of an information overload, with the amount of rules to keep track of - with your aspirant, the realm/table you were playing on and then the scenario. I liked not revealing the scenarios before the event but maybe this could be release the 3 Saturday scenarios on the Friday and 3 Sunday scenarios after play on Saturday. As this would at least help speed up getting the games started, with people having the opportunity to at least skim read the scenarios. The background lore of each scenario could still be kept secret though before each game, so the narrative can still unfold over the weekend.

As Chris mentioned our game (game 4) did feel like we could of just rolled 5 dice and see who won. Due to our army match up where we both had plus 2 to rolls and big battle line armies that blocked the other from getting to the leylines to stop the other getting bonuses. I felt like there needed to be more rules for bringing back the line to try to win the game. As even if you killed the enemy aspirant that wasn't enough to bring the game back for you if you kept losing the dice off.

Also with Steve in game 6, we wanted to play raze and ruin as it was Destruction v Chaos so that felt appropriate. However, after we deployed we realised that Steve could instantly get the minor victory as he could kill 3 leylines before I could even do anything. So we swapped to Destroyer v Guardian with Steve being the Guardian as he wanted to go first. We then ruled that I had to destroy the leylines in combat instead of being able to shoot them off, which otherwise meant I could of probably got the minor victory turn 1. This meant we got to have a really good game of mass combats and get 4 turns in before 3 leylines were destroyed, instead of deciding it in turn 1 which I heard happened in a few games. Plus getting to see my soul grinder hold up Steve's legendary for the whole game and my Aspirant failing to become Legendary again after 4 rolls! :)

The constant communication, updates and walk arounds from the TO's all weekend was really good. Overall the event was amazing and sign me up for the next one!



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Some initial thoughts from the international traveler:


Information was solid. Emails were plenty and informative before the event. Never felt like I had no idea what I was going to. The team was very active online as well, which is great. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. This was very important for me, as a guy who has to commit quite a bit to attend its very nice to feel like the team cares.


Location was good. Cambridge is fairly easy to get to from the airports (just a switch at King's Cross). I guess parking and such is an issue, but not for me. Travellodge/Premier Inn being within walking distance is huge. Makes life a lot easier. Having the location so close to local stores/pubs/food is also a big plus. Not having to worry about buying all your food/drinks before the day starts is nice. It also made it really easy to gather people up for social times after the games, which is huge. Really appreciated the chance to hang out with loads of people. As the guy showing up alone, things that encourage the group to stick together is so nice. The event would have been half as good if I couldn't hang out with everyone all the time.


The room was very good. Spacious enough for the 40 with no issues. Extra chillout sofas was nice. I would have liked some ability to store trays/etc during games though. If you ended up on the "inner" tables, you would have to put trays on the floor. Last time I did that, Joe crushed my archers. Not sure how to fix that though, as the flowing tables was a cool (if underutilized) idea.


As for the tables... Wow. New standards in how its done. Just amazing. Varied, but themed. Big pieces we never would have seen before. The best tables I've ever played on. Your only competition are the Holy Hammers and GW's own special tables. Such an inspiration for my own hobby! There are a few things I would have liked to see though. I loved the idea of the "flowing" tables. But I feel that it never really got used. Not sure how to change that, though. Maybe run a 1500/1600 point game on 4x4? With objectives that are able to be scored across tables? The second thing I would have liked were printed Time of War sheets on each table. I know you guys gave them out in the player's pack, but there's a lot of info there. Putting laminated ToW rules on each table would make it less like paperwork and more like "oh man, I wonder how *this* table works!". The Time of War rules were solid though. Really enjoyed using them. Some were more interesting than others though. The Lost Valley's Deadly terrain is a much more important thing than the beast-rib's 6+ save.


I'd like to take a moment to review each battleplan.


  • Battle 1:
    • Awesome. Random, but not overtly so. The battleplan was manageable for most armies, I think. Definitely a battleplan I will play again. Highlight was the realmgate exploding and doing 16 D6 Mortal Wounds on my skeletons. With all the saves it did 29 wounds to a unit of 29. Amazing. It also killed 5/6 Spirit hosts in my army.
  • Battle 2:
    • The realmgate deployment was a nice touch. Felt a bit like hiding your aspirant and running him between terrain pieces is the best way to go. At least that's how I ended up playing it, because I wanted some fame points! Also a little bit campy battleplan, since hiding your troops in your zone and sending delaying units forward is the best way to go. Maybe change it so a unit holds a fragment, then can lose it if destroyed? And gain bonus points if a unit with a fragment kills enemy units. Bit more complex, but makes for more killing.
  • Battle 3:
    • Loads of fun. Running a doubles was a brilliant idea. Highly recommended for next year! (RAW: Double Trouble spring event please). Resonating blast didn't get used much though. The high casting value and friendly damage makes it hard to use. You have to be within 18" of the place of power, which is almost certainly close to your own troops. Combined with most players using Warriors meant that it wasn't a hugely useful thing. Not sure how to change it though. This ended up being my favorite game. Teaming up with Ben was great, and my opponent's rolling was the right kind of atrocious, even if they ended up winning it in the end!
  • Battle 4:
    • Solid variation on the Storm Front battleplan. Better than the original. Will play this one again! Blood sacrifice objective is a bit "meh", TBH. This is probably because I played a horde army. But counting skeletons, regenerating skeletons, deamons and regenerating deamons was a huge pain, and we ended up not bothering. For smaller armies it's not an issue though.
  • Battle 5:
    • The size of the circle was in dispute. We figured it to be fairly large (10-12" from the realmgate). If it was supposed to be super-close to the gate then it changes the game a lot. As it was, we both picked opposite leylines, rushed our dudes there, then dida desperate attack to kill the opposing legend. Didn't work. Not a great one with the leylines spread far out. But if they are supposed to be within 6" of the gate (or soemthing), then I can imagine it to be a bloody and intense plan.
  • Battle 6:
    • This was the only battleplan I didn't enjoy. It was simply in favour of fast armies. I misplayed it a little, but it wouldn't have made much difference. I effectively lost the game on turn 1. Still had a great game against my opponents, but there wasn't much to be done victory wise. Needs some significant changes. Maybe you can only attack 1 each turn?  Loved the legend going back to aspirant, super cool idea.



I've got some more thoughts, but lets start there.


All in all, 10.10 out of 10.


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1 hour ago, Louzi said:

Would u plz post the army lists of the top 5?

Hi Louzi, thanks for asking. Are you asking this from a competitive point of view or to see how narrative they are? I'm not sure how much you'd garner from seeing these lists, given the type of event it was and also that each Battleplan had varying point sizes so it's more a pool than a list. 

To the others, thanks for the feedback so far! I'm putting my hands up & am completely to blame for the rubbishness of Battle 6 - clearly didn't take into account the layout of the Leylines (also applies to games 4 & 5 which we placed on the table based on appearance rather than game mechanics) & also misjudged how nukey AoS is.

But I'm really really pleased that a lot of players adapted the Battleplans themselves to make it a non-game by having a conversation first. 

Keep it coming!

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So this was my first AoS event, and my first ever event outside of a doubles at Warhammer World, and it was amazing. I'm still buzzing from the weekend, and I've got so many ideas in my head for armies I want to do in the future! I can’t wait for my next one, even though this wasn’t a “tournament” it certainly blew away any pre-conceptions of how people are at events.

The weekend for me started on the drive up there with @Chris Tomlin and @Forestreveries, great tunes in the car and the banter was great, so cheers for that lads.

I had a great time at the event, I met so many cool people, saw so many cool armies it was just amazing. The attitude of everyone there was just amazing, I don’t think I saw anyone there who was playing in the spirit of the event, and the TOs seemed really into it which was awesome. I had some amazing moments this weekend, and I can’t wait to get my Ironjawz to another event. Dogga da Albino is going to be taking his place as the Megaboss of the army from now on I think, and I’m hoping I can find a use for little Dogga as well!

Right, onto the feedback.


The tables were amazing, simply amazing. I said to Ming on the Friday when I got there that they make the tables at Warhammer World look rubbish, and I wasn’t over exaggerating! All the tables had amazing themes, they just looked amazing. I spent so much time just looking around at other games this weekend just in awe of how the armies looked on these amazing tables. You guys all deserve an award for the terrain you put on this weekend, its incredible.

The TOs made the weekend, you were just bleeding enthusiasm into the room, and by god was it contagious! I’ve never met any of you before this weekend, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t chat to any of you or call you over if something awesome was happening (which it was most games because Dogga was mental).

Being able to interact with other peoples games was amazing. Me and Ben Foote  jumped through a realm gate game 5 onto @Tom Hewitt and Gary Henneys' table which was a great laugh. Kudos to Ben for being up for not only letting me do it, but agreeing to make a truce and jump through with me!

Pizza for lunch?! Get in!

Everyone got right into the spirit of the event. People were yelling Waaaagh, GOUL PATROL!, all sorts at the tables. I didn’t see a single down beaten person after any of their games and it was great.  

The venue was really easy to find, walking distance from the travel lodge and the premier inn, Tesco just across the road, plenty of places to eat. The seating place just outside the main room was great as well, gave everyone a nice place to go and eat lunch and socialise.

Getting so drunk I can't remember the conversation I had with @Mitzy about painting..

Not so good

As others have mentioned, there was too little time between games for me. Having to read the rules for the battle plan, the table and come up with a list as well as finding your table, meeting your opponent, and simply moving your stuff was just too much to do in the time. If you finished your last game pretty much on time (as opposed to early) you had to also mark down your scores, roll on rewards table, get your stuff off the table and get your score sheet in in the same time. An extra 5-10 minutes between would have been great.

Some of the battle plans need a little tweaking. Specifically games 4 and 6 for me. The territory line in game 4 needed more interaction to what else was going in the game, it was just too much down to dice rolls for me which didn’t feel interactive. Game 6, as most have pointed out, was over after first or second turn for most.

6 games is a lot of Warhammer! As Chris has mentioned, an escalation in points would work and you could have 2 big games on the Sunday and the smaller ones on the Saturday.

I’d like to have seen an award for the aspirant with the least fame as well as the most.

Overall, the event was amazing and I had an amazing weekend. I’ve been talking to a colleague about this weekend and he said he’s going to buy one of the box sets!

Dogga will be back next year for sure, ready to smash up whoever stands in his way. Who knows, he might be the new leader of the Waaagh then and some other young eager Orruk may be trying to make a name for himself.


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I'm pretty slow on the up take an that resulted in me not knowing what the hell was going on. Way to much info for an idiot like me. This resulted in me being tabled 4 times. My aspirant (commander) doing nothing as everyone else's warriors just inhaled him for breakfast. The only game I did win was the doubles an I did that by camping the realm gate while my partner rid played the game. I just shot stuff a bit. I also didn't understand if there was ment to be a storyline to work to. Might be me being slow but I never caught on to the narrative bit. 

That being said would I do it all over again. Hell yes!!!!

like most people have said the tables an venue was smashed out the park. 

I wasn't to bothered about the battle plans. I enjoyed them because they where different. I don't even mind getting smashed of the table if it makes sense. I found some of the times of war affects abit un fair but wasn't to fussed. 

I think a few big games way have been cool with timed turns or something. Like group games fought over a whole realm. 

Also how about not haveing a winner at all. Prizes for sure. But if it's an event not a tournament why do you need a winner. Just a thought.

but for me what makes these events an while I'll come back time an time again regardless of what happens or what it's about is the company.

i played 6 arwsome games with 8 outstanding people. 

Spend the weekend with some mate. An Dan Hadert. Thanks for driving bro.  

An the eatsbats boys Ming an mr foote are what this hobby is all about. Only just met Ming an mr foote on the weekend. But everytime I talk to jimbo mits Paul any of the eatsbats lads it makes me realise why I'm in the hobby. 

I might be abit harsh with my comments. But don't in anyway think that I didn't enjoy myself because I did. Was a great weekend.

an thank you for the outstanding effort. 

Pinky signing out. 

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6 hours ago, Thornshield said:

Hi Louzi, thanks for asking. Are you asking this from a competitive point of view or to see how narrative they are? I'm not sure how much you'd garner from seeing these lists, given the type of event it was and also that each Battleplan had varying point sizes so it's more a pool than a list. 

To the others, thanks for the feedback so far! I'm putting my hands up & am completely to blame for the rubbishness of Battle 6 - clearly didn't take into account the layout of the Leylines (also applies to games 4 & 5 which we placed on the table based on appearance rather than game mechanics) & also misjudged how nukey AoS is.

But I'm really really pleased that a lot of players adapted the Battleplans themselves to make it a non-game by having a conversation first. 

Keep it coming!

For me it is just interesting to see others list building.

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For those of you that haven't seen this already @jay6 and I discuss RAW and all our games on episode 25 of Hard 6: http://www.hard6.co.uk/

I'd just be echoing comments of others really so I won't go into much detail.

That said RAW was incredible. I really like the information overload, it was the right level of masochism for me to enjoy myself. 

Best event I've ever been to, hands down. Can't wait for the next one.


(half a pizza and 6" of subway does not constitute lunch... but brioche, fruit and squash/ tea meant that I ate and refreshed regularly and didn't feel as crappy as I often do on Sundays)

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On 23/11/2016 at 2:06 AM, Thornshield said:

Hi Louzi, thanks for asking. Are you asking this from a competitive point of view or to see how narrative they are? I'm not sure how much you'd garner from seeing these lists, given the type of event it was and also that each Battleplan had varying point sizes so it's more a pool than a list. 

To the others, thanks for the feedback so far! I'm putting my hands up & am completely to blame for the rubbishness of Battle 6 - clearly didn't take into account the layout of the Leylines (also applies to games 4 & 5 which we placed on the table based on appearance rather than game mechanics) & also misjudged how nukey AoS is.

But I'm really really pleased that a lot of players adapted the Battleplans themselves to make it a non-game by having a conversation first. 

Keep it coming!

I'd also be interested to know more about how this army was composed and used. There has been a lot of focus on the KunninRuck so it's great to see someone have success without using it - I think a lot of people would get a lot out of seeing how they were used without the shooting which is probably more thematic. 

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I had a great chat with @Thornshield@Devilreefman@Mitzy@Jimbo about their thoughts on this event and the future of the RAW brand in general on The Black Sun Weekly. Have a listen here...

I will also be doing a second show on RAW16 in February, where me and @Forestreveries will talk about our games and the narrative experience in general (being predominately Matched Play guys).

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