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Silent Communion, Treelord Ancient



Had a game with a buddy the other day, and he wouldn't allow any of the forest summoned from TA to be outside of 15" of him.

the Spell, Silent communion reads:

In the hero phase, a Treelord Ancient can commune with the realmroots, calling forth a glade of trees. Roll a dice. On a result of 4 or more, you can set up a Sylvaneth Wyldwood. Each Citadel wood must be placed within 15" of the Treelord Ancient, and not within 3" of any other model.

so... can part of the wood be within 15" and some further? or must the entire wood be within the 15"?

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He's wrong - all it means is that all 3 Citadel Woods need to be nearest point to nearest point 15 inches away which is far less restrictive. Page 1 of the Rules.

Worth noting that all other means of summoning Wyldwoods are less restrictive - allowing conga.

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