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They call me the Wanderer...


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Music for effect.

Hey everyone,

I've pretty much expanded my collection of Spooky Dead People to about as big as I can get, and I'm running out of ways to really add to the collection given how limited Death is at the moment. While perusing minis and warscrolls for various units, I stumbled upon the Wanderers and I have to admit they look pretty cool. I also like the idea of running a load of shooty units given the sheer lack of ranged ability my Death have.

In essence I'm looking for a little advice on what to run in terms of getting a coherent army together. I'll probably buy the GA: Order book to get a bit more familiar with the units, but a little advice from battle-experienced people on here should be handy. I really like the visual style of units like Glade Guard and Wild Riders, and I would like a mobile, skirmishy force. One that harries the enemy, splitting up their formations, sniping their leaders, and enjoying the lamentations of their women.

I could also then paint them like Lothlorien Elves and live out my fantasy of having an LotR force without investing in a game that no-one plays anymore. :(

So, fellow brethren of the woods, what would you recommend to a newbie player to Order and Wanderers for getting started? :)

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Glade guard are a must as they are your battle line unit, for heroes get a wanderer prince, run your glade guard in units of 20+ (30 for preference) and their shooting becomes devastatingly accurate. Combine this with their once per game ability and you basically have a unit delete button.


for melee troops the wild wood rangers are brutal but lack staying power and need to go first in any combat to be effective.


my personal favourite though are the eternal guard. Once these lads have set up shop in a wood or some other piece of terrain, they ain't moving. I use them to defend my glade guard, I've even been known to form square around the archers.

the reason that the eternal guard are so good is that once they have stood still in a bit of terrain and gained their bonus and have a Nomad prince nearby, mystic shield cast on them by a spell singer and finally have shield of thorns cast in them by sisters of the thorn, they become horrifying. They hit on 3's rerolling 1's wound on 3's and with shields you save on 3's rerolling both 1 AND 2's and the scary part is that thanks to shield of thorns and AOS's funny dice mechanic saves of a 4+ get reflected back at the enemy unit as mortal wounds.

Used well, Eternal guard are nasty.

a spell singer is a must, she helps keep a very squishy army on it's feet and fighting.


Waywatcher/Wayfinder are a pair of stone cold character assassins, although I would say Waywatcher is the slightly better if the two. Use these lads to chip out enemy wizards or character who give buffs to opponent's troops.

Wild riders are good, but not what they once were. Truth be told I'm still getting used to them but they make an effective flanking force and can help to slow down certain units.

Sisters of the thorn are a brilliant support unit that has some nasty ranged ability, just keep them out of combat.

i don't yet own any sisters of the watch unfortunately so have yet to give them a go.


wanderers are one of the tightest of the armies that do not yet have their own book. They have a lot of synergy. Used well they are devastating, if not used well they die to a stiff breeze.


if you want to have a go with wood elf legacy scrolls, some of them are brilliant. The dragon in particular is nasty.


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Hi there:)

Eternal Guard is very strong to defend your archers with their rerollable save in cover when they do not move.

Sisters of the thorn has a very good spell, turning back half of the saved wounds as mortal wounds to the enemy. They are also very nice models

Glade Guard was a guerilla unit back in 8th eiditon now they benefit to be more than 20, always go one level high for the model count to recieve the buff in case of casualities.

Glade Guard BSB is a must (found in wood elves section)

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