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Lord Celestant Command Ability - Do I have to stay within range in combat phase?



Hey everyone,

as stated in the title I'm curious to know that after I declared to use my lord celestants on foot command ability to give everything +1 to hit within 9", do they have to remain within 9" in the combat phase to receive it? Like could I teleport retributors away and they still get the +1 to hit even if they don't end up within 9" of him in the combat phase?

Thanks in advance!

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No. Any "friendly Stormcast Eternal units" must be within 9" of the Lord Celestant at the time they are selected to attack in the combat phase. If the unit moves more than 9" from the general or the general moves so the unit is more than 9" away then unfortunately there is no +1 to the result of hit rolls.

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