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Let's Chat: Strategy


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With a number of tournaments popping up with the release of Matched Play, I'm curious to talk strategy... so we can bring down Sigmar's Hammer on these heathens!


Regardless if you are a tournament player or a regular at your gaming centre, I'd love to break down the strategic components of;

  • Composing a list (how you maxamise your points, unit sizes, leader vs. behemoth vs. battleline choices, what becomes priority, and why)
  • Structure of deployment (what's your ideal order of deployment, what you're trying to achieve, how you deploy the models within the unit, etc)
  • Juggling the battle on the table vs. mission objectives (do you always try to meet the mission objective, will you try to destroy your opponent on the table and secure mission objectives in the later stages of the game, etc)
  • Anything else

Who wants to go first? I think we'd all love to hear from the different factions within Order, and there might be tactics we can borrow from one another.

I'll share my thoughts and experience after work...


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Alright... I'll start.

I'm an Empire player all the way from 4th edition, and I'll traditionally come to the battle with an old school tactic based around strong defence... which you might know as the Hammer and Anvil.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUBAAAAJDA1NDQ3ZjFkLWVkMDkt

I believe The Empire / Free People work best with the strength of numbers. Our General will rarely hold his own in combat with another character, so I prefer to keep him behind the line buffing the battle line with bonuses to hit, wound, and battleschock. 

Battleline will consist of a unit of swordmen, spearmen, and crossbowmen with 20+ models per unit. Swords play the first line of defence, spears act as the old detachment and support the spears with a 2" range, while crossbowmen shoot from behind the line.

I'll deploy this as a block. Swordmen will be deployed as a single line across the board, with spearmen behind the swords at base to base combat (and can be instantly drawn into combat), while crossbowmen sit another 3" behind the spearmen (putting them 4" away from any combat). From here I can buff them within the bubble with the General, and Celestial Hurricanum. 

I'll stop here to let others provide their thoughts..

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