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Only The Faithless

Chris Tomlin

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Hey there,

I will use this thread to track a bit of progress with my Chaos army; what lists I am trying out, the games I play etc.

When AoS first dropped I was using a Nurgle army (mostly Daemons) and doing ok with it, playing lots in the early stages helped this. I also added a Tzeentch contingent for some ranged punch. The army was speed painted and eventually sold off.

I had a bunch of stuff left over and was really unsure what to do next. I've loved Orghotts Daemonspew and the Blight Kings since release so felt like they finally deserved some love. I wont talk about the painting side of things here, but will get up a post elsewhere to talk about this as its also something I'm excited about.

I've only played one game with this incarnation of my Chaos and it didn't go well, getting smashed up by Stormcast (which in turn led to a slip...me buying and painting a Stormcast army myself for SCGT!). Tonight I am heading out to a club for the first time, which is really refreshing and I'm totally pumped for it. I've been told to rock up with 100 SCGT pool choices and we'll go from there. Here's what I'm taking;

Orghotts Daemonspew

Sayl the Faithless w/ Nightmaw

Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Nurgle, Mounted

Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Nurgle

Dragon Ogor Shaggoth

10 Putrid Blightkings

5 Varanguard - 3 Ensorcelled, 2 Spears

2 Plagueclaw Catapults

20 Giant Rats

So as you can see...it ain't great. Should be fun though I hope! I'll leave it there for now, but expect plenty more going forward.

Have fun, Chris x

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Need moar pics!!!!

Chris, since you gamed me up at the maul with your soul grinder I have faced those things more times than any other monster in the game.  

My Iron Deamon loves blowing them up.  

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Looks like a great list.  I am looking at the giant rats, and wondering if there is something more you can do there?  6 points in SCGT might be able to get you something a little stronger.  It can get you 3 chaos ogres, or 15 chaos warhounds.  Just my 2 cents.  

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