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H: HUGE painted Bretonnian and Ogre Lots, Dwarfs W: $$$


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Hi all!

I'm selling a lot of Bretonnians, Ogres and Dwarfs. Please make offers, including shipping anywhere in the US. If you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know.


This lot is fully painted with individual house markings for each knight. All of them are magnetized for movement trays except the Pegasus Knights. This army is beautiful, and I've identified everything as best as I can. It comes in at over 6000 points in Age of Sigmar.

King Louen Leoncoeur, King of Bretonnia
Fey Enchantress Mounted
Bretonnian Lords x2
Battle Standard Bearer x2 (mounted and unmounted)
Damsels x2
Sorceress on foot
Knights Errant x12
Knights of the Realm x 24
Questing Knights x12
Grail Knights x12
Pegasus Knights x11
Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus
Men at Arms x70
Peasant Bowmen x10
Grail Reliquae
Battle Pilgrims x15
Trebuchet x2


These are also fully painted and ready for the tabletop, with lots of fun conversions! This makes about 3000 points for Age of Sigmar.

Skrag the Slaughterer (Butcher with Cauldron)
Yhetees x3
Tyrant x2
Ogres x9
Ironguts x9
Gorgers x4
Leadbelchers x14
Marauder Giant


These are mostly built, a few are painted and some are from Battle for Skull Pass. 

White Dwarf 30th Anniversary XXX NIB

Warden King (BFsP)
Josef Bugman (Nib)
10 Irondrakes
19 Ironbreakers
6 Slayers (1 BFsP)
20 Miners (10 BFsP)
23 Thunderers (BFsP)
35 Warriors (20 BFsP)
16 Quarrelers
2 Organ Guns
1 Cannon (BFsP)

Broken Gyrocopter and lots of bits


More pics here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM6W2vyMj99EoERn0ADaVAH2Kox26WAXysogxYuHbOyPaI5E3cYj7-ESiJaSoL1Sg?key=aTJ3YzBxUnV2R3I0QzY5NnM5WVZwZS1haVdrMlVR

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