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Vampire Lord on foot alternative model


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Greetings all. I love the Vampire lord on foot/wings rules as it pertains to buffing huge amounts of zombies. Lately I ahve been running horde zombie list..with up to 150 in 1500 points. I merge into a giant unit and buff the ever living ****** out of them. So far I have wrecked face. I hate the Vampire lord model with one wing in the air. Also, the carsteins models are kinda boring. Anyone know of an alternative model out there? 


I found this one but in the description it says "32mm model." Im not sure if that is total height or the scale. I emailed the company with no response. Ideally some sort of blade in one hand and a goblet or chalice in the other. But the main thing is a decently sized model. Say the size of a chaos herald on foot. Around the size of a crypt horror would be dope.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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