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De clanz prep for waaaggh! - Boneplitter option discussions


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Made a post a few weeks ago discussing a possible list i was thinking of running based around the icebone warclan. I'm about to pull the trigger and buy some models so was wondering what some of the more experienced savages feel about certain units/formations.

Firstly - are maniak boarboys worth it? Yes they can pile in twice and will be moving 11 inches in the war clan but are they better than normal boar boys? From memory (haven't brought the book to work) they have a potential output of one extra damage compared to the normal guys, but have a worse save and lack the hit and run ability which lets you keep your options open combat wise and help make sure tusker charge is in effect.

What about big stabbas -should i be taking them as they offer high rend and extra damage against monsters? And if so - do people feel the rukk is a no brainer.

Am I allowed to take the old war scroll big boss on a boar?

What war clans do people think have the edge competitively/play style are people preferring? I've mainly looked at icebone so far as I want plenty of cavalry - but if maniaks aren't worth it could do something else.

Finally - in list building so far I've been focusing on getting my list to as few deployment drops as possible with either everything in one war clan or one war clan plus an additional formation outside - do those who have been running the savages for a while feel the need to be dropping asap or prefer being able to react to their opponents deployment? I know I always have the choice to not 'one-drop' but if I never worry about needing to it could open up some more list options?

Thanks for your help guys!

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Lol, my brain was deliberately working slower than my typing skillz.... lol

I deliberately didn't mention Arrerboys as they are savagely powerful (pun intended..) and I'm on personal quest to try and find a competitive pure Bonesplittaz list that doesn't include them!!

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