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Draft Hex Grid Campaign Rules


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Hi all,

I've been putting together some rules for running hex campaigns in AoS. The rules for map campaigns in the General's Handbook are frustratingly brief and don't really give you much to play with, so I thought I'd put something together. 

I'm aiming to keep the rules light, using the General's Handbook stuff where possible, and trying to avoid bogging things down in pointless additional content (simple clarity seems to be the way in AoS). 

The rules will consist of a core document containing the basic hex mechanics (this document) and a Warlords of the Realms document, which will contain specific rules for setting your campaigns in the various realms. I'm yet to produce the second document but I'm planning to take inspiration from the official Time of War rules as they become available. 

If you get time to read it, please feel free to comment. 

Thanks in advance!


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