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Mitzy saying hello


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So having posted a few times already I guess I should follow protocol and introduce myself properly.

My name is Mark but everyone calls me Mitzy I've been a die hard GW fan since about 1988 when I bought my first box of minis and promptly painted them up with Humbrol Gloss paints...

You could call me a Fanboi.

I live just outside Cambridge (UK for the international members) and have been immersed in the hobby for about the past 5 years following a 10 year hiatus from the hobby (like a lot of us I met my wife, had children etc).

Having got back in to the hobby I met a bunch of local guys who all are of a similar mindset to me. We are all avid gamers and love to play. We don't have a club per se but collectively are known as EATBATS (East Anglian Tabletop Battle And Tournament Squad) we attend tournaments and occasionally host our own.

AoS has divided our group as some parted company with GW and went off to play TnA (let's not begin that debate!) But needless to say those of us who stayed true #onlythefaithful are absolutely loving AoS and all it brings to the hobby.

I can honestly say that I have had more fun playing AoS than I ever have and long may that continue!

Check out my thread in the Destruction pages for my developing WAAGHH I've recently been adding to my massive Ogre army.

Also follow me on Twitter for more posts on the subject of AoS and my wips.




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