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Hey guys I'm looking for some advise with my army list, never had to write a 2000 point list for AOS and blood an glory is less than two weeks away.

list one:

GKoZD (red fury & ring of immortality) 400

GKoTG (ring of immortality) 400

Vargulf 160

6 horrors 280

Ghoul Patrol 100

Crypt Ghast 80

30 ghouls 300

10 ghouls 100

10 ghouls 100

Total 1920


list two:

GKoTG 400

GKoZD 400

vargulf 160

Abbatoir formation 60

haunter 120

6 horrors 280

3 horrors 140

20 ghouls 200

10 ghouls 100

10 ghouls 100

Total 2000


Basically I think it boils down to how much do I like ghoul patrol, I see loads of benefits in it but without the GK on foot to help buff they can't go mental. But the idea of bringing 50 ghouls turn one into enermy deployment zone does sound like fun

The big issue with list two is the ghouls are just two small, lose one model from the 20 an they lose all power, the plan would be to yolo the GKoTG turn one, cal the three man unit of horrors into energy territory an scream away.

any help would be massive, I'm frantically painting away, have definitely bitten off more then I can handle

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   Hey Lee,

You might want to post this in the death forum, here's my ideas but other people will have more experience.

I prefer list one. You've got regeneration on the ghouls, and also six horrors for the heavy lifting. With gkozd you've got a reroll bubble for failed hit and wound rolls which is potentially stronger than the extra attacks.

You need to be careful of your positioning to make sure people are in range of all of your stuff.

Also don't be reliant on the ring of immortality - if your gk dies of shooting or you get double turned, there's a chance he won't even get back into combat before being shot off or charged.

Also ghoul patrol is great, but be careful of opponents who deploy in a way to force you to deploy  where you don't want to go. Someone with a small number of units will win deployment and make you go first with their stuff lined up to prevent you from ghoul patrolling into their deployment.

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Cheers for the advise Jon, gave the podcast a listen an it's a tad concerning that Ben feels that way. I have been through the handbook an I personally think you shouldn't have to pay for the ring, saw that you opened a whole can of worms with your post. Gonna put up three lists today and see what additional advise I can get.

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The Ghoul Patrol is interesting. One issue is that the units have to be deployed wholly within the distance from the edges which is unique wording to this battalion - basically same as Escalation, all the models need to be near the edge, so no congaing.

I wouldn't go for Red Fury - passing on the 5+ ward save is an error with squishy Ghouls. A lot of the time, the big Flappy will just overkill a unit (hitting a unit that will already die to Battleshock or double pounding a chaff wall). I would definitely run the Horrors as a single big unit. Also consider a Necromancer if you can find the points.


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@TerrorPenguin hey Jon ok I have had another list wobble as my painting desk is rammed!!

this is what I have available 

GKoZD - painted

GKoTG - painted

Vargulf - painted

Haunter - painted

9 horrors - painted

3 horrors - part painted

3 flayers - only assembled

30 ghouls - painted

10 ghouls - part painted

10 ghouls - unassembled

1 ghast - painted

1 ghoul king on foot - unassembled.


So after seeing a zombie dragon ghoul king with red fury in action I believe I have had to make the sensible choice an going to drop the haunted as my general so the horrors are no longer battle line, and gonna go with this

GKoZd - general





20 x ghouls

10 x ghouls

10 x ghouls

6 horrors

3 horrors/flayers

Cant make my mind up on the last choice, any pearls of wisdom greatly received.

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That looks pretty solid. I would either take the flayers and a formation of any kind, just to get another artefact on the other ghoul king. In fact if you take 'kings ghouls' that leaves you at 1980 which should allow you to roll on the triumphs table as well.  The formation is totally useless but gives you another artefact


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Hey @TerrorPenguin Jon, after reading my last message it looks like a 'please pick my list for me' kinda message, sorry fella that's not what it was meant to be, So I submitted my list this morning so no more please help me messages, I changed my mind again but did take some of your advise.

GKoZD (red fury & Ring)

GKoTG (Ring)


Haunter (Cursed book)

10 Ghouls

10 Ghouls

10 Ghouls

6 horrors

6 horrors

Formations 'abbatior' & 'royal family'

Total 2000points on the nose

So the main plan is to push heavy with the big hitters, keep the Haunter protected with mystic shield as he is my only way of calling in the horrors, think the royal family is potentially really strong, yes I know I can't bring on additional ghoul kings because of lack of points but gaining +1 model in regrowing the horrors could make them really hard to shift especially if I place the haunter well, an opponents within 3" are at minus 1 to hit.

the big concern is the small ghoul units and no way of regrowing the ghouls, it was eithe a ghast or the ghoul king, but I'm gonna hopefully keep two units fairly safe at the back, near my objectives and have the other which is part of the 'abbitior' formation and just yolo it forward as wide as possible and try and get lucky an roll some sixes an get some lucky mortal wounds off.

Cheers for all your advise Jon over the last week or so, it has been very much appreciated.

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