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[Paint Effects] Molten metal and Soot/smoke damage


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Oh gracious lords of pigment,

Today I come before your ancient wisdom with a request...


I am in the stages of planning an army and am doing a paint job for the realm of fire. I was wondering if anyone knew a decent way (or decent tutorials), To paint red hot metal and also how to pain soot in a convincing way? 


Much thanks in advance,


A dirty painting grot.

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16 minutes ago, Dez said:

Look up @Vincent Venturella onYoutube, he just did a tutorial on this.

Not quite what I was after but I am subbed and the carbon bit was really handy! 



More looking for a red hot iron effect to show perpetual heat. 


While I have your attention as well, Is there any colour chart site that shows what colours work well together, as I do not have an amazing eye for the subtle shades of things.  i know of a few of these sites, but I was wondering if there is a citadel paint specific one that you are aware of?



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