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Basing models with textured paint


Model on or model off the base?  

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  1. 1. Do you paint the model on the base or separate (such as on a cork)

    • Glue the model on the base for everything
    • Glue the model on the base for most, but some models get done separatly
    • All models get done separatly
  2. 2. What state do you texture & paint the base?

    • With the model glued on
    • With the model off and glue on once finished
    • With the model off (but I leave spaces for it's feet/hooves/claws)

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A couple of weeks back Games Workshop changed their range of textured paint, re-releasing the existing colours in larger pots (and made differently) and complementing each colour with a "coarse" version for a rougher texture - this included the two crackle paints they have.  In Novembers White Dwarf they also had an article showing five different effects you could achieve using various washes and drybrushes, showing a huge range of different finishes you can achieve.

I've used the original Astrogranite to base all of my Bloodbound and done the basing after the model is finished (so you get a little bit going up the feet of the model).  What I'm curious about is how other people are doing their bases?  With the crackle and coarse paints you could risk loosing a foot due to the thickness you have to apply, so do you do the base separately and glue it together with superglue at the end, or something else?

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I normally start my minis by cleaning the legs and instantly gluing them to base (or doing some basework too in 40k, adding metal plates or whatnot) and after that I build the rest of the mini and glue the sands etc.

I dont like the models looking like they hover on sand, rather liking the look of their feet pushing into the sand :)


And bout the new basing paints, Im really looking forward to trying the much thicker crackle paint, it looks awesome and the earlier version is imo just so damn fragile that Im not that into it.

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When using texture paints or painting bases in general, getting a little on the model's feet is no bad thing, especially if you're going for a dirty or wet looking base. A little dry brushing around the bottom of boots, cloaks etc make it look like they've picked up dirt from the battlefield. 

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