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Let's chat Skaven tactics


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I've been playing a lot of Skaven lately, and having an absolute blast. I love the diversity of the army, even staying within the keyword SKAVEN. I thought I'd start an index here, gathering thoughts on Skaven Units and overall synergy. So lets hear your feelings and experience.

The Clans:

Eshin - Ninjas!

Moulder - Monstrous Beasts and Dr. Frankenstein tendencies

Pestilens - Plagues and Filth and Bathrobes

Skryre - A Knack for the Mechanical

Verminus - Fighters and Warriors en masse...or at least the Rats in the front to prevent the cool toys from being destroyed

Masterclan - Magic, Voodoo, Claw Wigglers



Skaven Assassin

Verminlord Deceiver, Behemoth


Plague Furnace, Behemoth

Plague Priest with Plague Censor

Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff

Verminlord Corruptor, Behemoth

Arch Warlock

Warlock Engineer

Skaven Warlord

Verminlord Warbringer, Behemoth

Grey Seer

Lord Skreech Verminkin, Behemoth

Screaming Bell, Behemoth

Thanquol and Boneripper, Behemoth

Verminlord Warpseer, Behemoth



Clan Rats




Warp Lighting Cannon

Warplock Jezzails



Hellpit Abomination



Others Units:

Gutter Runners

Night Runners, Battleline Eshin

Giant Rats, Battleline Moulder

Rat Ogors

Rat Swarms

Plague Censor Bearers

Plague Monks

Ratling Gun Weapon Team

Warp-grinder Weapon Team

Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team

Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team

Doom-flayer Weapon team

Skryre Acolytes, Skryre Battleline

Stormfiends, Skryre Battleline




Virulent Procession - Clan Pestilens

Foulrain Congregation - Clan Pestilens

Plaguesmog Congregation - Clan Pestilens

Congregation of Filth - Clan Pestilens

Clan Skryre - Skryre


Other Synergistic Units:

Sayl the Faithless





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I played one game of Skryre cheese. Used the Skryre Battalion with two Guatfire Covens. 2K points, maxed out warpfire throwers. Do this for entertainment value, not for the wins. Relies too heavily on two separate dice rolls: first dice roll is getting both covens above-ground on the same turn. Yes it's a 3+, but ... dice ****** you. Second, you need the double turn, and that's even tougher of a roll.

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Relies too heavily on two separate dice rolls: first dice roll is getting both covens above-ground on the same turn. 

I'm not aware of this being on a roll - I understood that the Grinder was able to pop up using the special rules of the formation as opposed to its own rules.

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No double move.... fly them within range of a unit, unleash hell in the form of 6d3  (or 12d3 if you REALLY want to bring it) mortal wounds, and hope for initiative next turn.

You mean 18 D3. Unit of 9 with Crown of Conquest and mystic shield....

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