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Semi competative Beastclaw Raiders liust

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Hi there guy,

                        thinking about starting a new army Beast Claw raiders. Think the fluff is really cool and low model count means its easy to transport . The aim is to make a semi competitive list that  can be used at club and tourney but is still fun for me and my opponent.

So here goes


Frost lord on Stone-horn                                   460 General

Ever winters Master, The pelt of Charngar

Huskard on Thunder Tusk                                 340

Blood Vulture, Elixir of the Frostwyrm

Icebrow Humter                                                 160


2 x 2 Mournfangpack                                        400

1 x 3 Icefall Yhettees                                        120

1 x Thundertusk Beast Rider                           320

Harpoon Launcher, Chain Trap

2 x 2 Frost Sabre's                                             120

Skarl    (Battalion)                                             60   

Total points                                                   1980

So what do you guys think ?



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I don't believe the hunter and Skarl battalion are worth it  better to take the Jorlbad for 20 points and more sabres tusks instead of the hunter. this would give you more units to capture objectives which will be your biggest weakness in a competitive environment.

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As per @MightyQwan I think dropping the skarl is worth it. Though I dont think you can take the jorlbad as you only have 1 stonehorn in the list. I would be tempted to drop 2 sabretusks and that would leave you enough points to pick up another 3 yhettees. With the 2 thundertusks in the list the 3 yhetees have a great threat range.

I like the hunter but havent been able to make it work for me with BCR (in 1k games). I think if you use rampaging destruction ability then the hunter could be very good (arrives 9 inch away and can run in hero phase to get in range of shot - maybe even breath weapon). It increases the chancee of charging as well.


The list would look like this:

Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)
Icebrow Hunter (160)
Huskard on Thundertusk (340)

Icefall Yhetees x 3 (120)
Icefall Yhetees x 3 (120)
Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)
Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)
Frost Sabres x 2 (60)

Thundertusk Beastriders (320)

War Machines


Total: 1980/2000


If you wanted to make the hunter the general then you could upgrade the thundertusk to huskard and you would meet your battalion through the frost sabre.




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