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(Note: This entry is longer than the 500-1000 submission limit however the Tomb Kings content in it doesn't appear until later so I've included the final 500ish words as an additional comment in case you want to read them, also I'm not 100% sure if Sepulchral Stalkers and Ushabti are actually "undead" as they're like animated constructs and I think they existed to guards tombs etc before Nagash created necromancy even though the Mike Lee books state that Ushabti were human warriors before the fall of Nehekhara)

Seekers of a Lost God

A dry breeze rustled across the tall dunes as the sun cast its merciless burning gaze down over the warm sands below, twisted hooves beat an infernal tune upon the ancient desert leaving a high trail of aged dust in the caravan's wake.

From his throne Aluvian idly passed a now empty glass to one of his blindfolded courtiers and glanced down to the quartet of multi-hued reptilian horses at the head of his golden chariot. The creatures were unnaturally fast, pulling the chariot with terrifying haste across the desert sands, their long daemonic tongues whipping around tasting every sensation to be had in a place as old and dead as this.

The lord of Slaanesh rose reluctantly but gracefully from his throne, grabbing a handful of pills from the silver tray offered by a courtier and brushing his hand across the exposed torso of another as he stepped down to the lower platform. Aluvian rolled his eyes back in ecstasy as he closed a bare palm over the golden frame of the seeker chariot. The supple metal beneath his hand pulsed with the hedonistic magic of his patron but the thrill was short lived, regaining himself he focussed his eyes back on the empty horizon ahead of them. In the past weeks they'd fought through other chaos tribes in these endless deserts, decimated the orruk settlements they'd passed for sport, and with ease managed to outmanoeuvre a hunting party by the Blood Maiden herself. Since then there had been nothing. There'd been nothing for days now.

Tossing a few of the pills into his mouth he glanced over to the retinue of hellstriders that flanked his vehicle, their hellish steeds of Slaanesh easily matching the pace of his caravan of chariots. In their boredom the riders had taken to thrashing one another with their barbed hellscourges, inflicting pain out of sheer lust for excitement.

"What do you see?" Aluvian cried out.

The closest of the riders howled with laughter as a barb tore down his cheek as he turned, the blood that was cast out quickly becoming lost in the wake of dust behind them. Aluvian felt a quiver through his body as the youth's eyes fell on him and his form quickly reshaped itself to better appeal to his observer. The enchanted silver armour he wore rippled as pectoral muscles gave way to supple bosoms, and shoulders once broad and imposing, became delicate and refined. The hellstrider stared aghast for a moment and bit his lip before coming to his senses and, in obedient synchronicity, he and his unit halted their revelry and focussed their enhanced vision forward.

A moment later the youth turned back to his mistress excitedly, "Something up ahead my queen, old, stone..." the rider frowned suddenly and flicked his eyes back quickly, "boring..."

The lord laughed and gestured a now feminine hand toward his minion, watching as the wound on the youth's cheek began to heal, rapidly restoring the man's unnatural beauty, "That my sweet is a matter of conjecture. There's something here, a clue, a prize... I can feel it."

Aluvian felt her strained and ancient heart flutter in her chest, finally there was something in this dreary wasteland worth seeking. They'd been travelling for months now, desperately searching for the faintest sign of their lost god, trekking at breakneck speed across the mortal realms to all the remnants of the world that was that they could find. Here, in these endless sands were said to be the most ancient of relics, things not touched since the times of ending when their dark prince had first vanished. Aluvian purred orders to her neighbouring chariots and their furred and scaled steeds redoubled their efforts until she and her hedonist cohorts were but a purplish golden blur over the sands.

In mere minutes they were upon it, a temple older than reckoning and now mostly buried beneath the sands. The stone structure and its indecipherable hieroglyphs appeared as but the tip of an iceberg, the pinnacle of a long forgotten city that now lay encapsulated in dust. Ahead of them lay rows of colossal pillars and a set of huge ornate doors flanked by four mighty statues, each bearing the head of a now long forgotten animal.

The host of Slaanesh slowed their pace and without care the passengers leapt from their chariots onto the sand, landing with an unnatural grace. Aluvian asserted herself and felt her body shift back into manhood. Along with his retinue he took in the scent of their discovery, trying to identify the sensations woven into the fabric of the place.

Consuming the last of the pills Aluvian finally felt them kick in, there was a rush throughout his body as the crystalised souls of the Orruk prisoners they had kept to torture hit their mark. With a grin the lord of chaos marched forward, his armoured footfalls oddly silent against the floor below. Running his hand across the hieroglyphs on the great doorway Aluvian made to push the door open when suddenly and without warning there was a great uproar behind him. Turning quickly the warrior watched with intrigue as something huge erupted out of the once calm sands.

The creature from the sands moved fast, much faster than any mere man could hope to make out. Focussing carefully Aluvian's eyes took in the sight of the giant stone serpent, clad in weathered golds and clutching an ancient skyiron halberd in two skeletal arms. Wildly his warriors dived for it, thrashing their whips against the stone and striking at its hide with savage pincers, but the construction paid them little heed. Turning with the unnatural precision of the undead, the monster turned to face Aluvian himself, coiling its way over the flagstones toward him.

The lord smirked and drew his sword.

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(Final section of story)

As the creature drew closer Aluvian brushed a stray hair from his perfect face and raised his eyes to meet that of the beast. He'd brought whole armies of Stormcast to their knees with just one well placed glance, sent rabbles of flesheaters back to their crypts with just the curling of a lip, this creature would be no different.

The moment that Aluvian and the stone serpent locked eyes, he knew that he had been wrong. Something in the creature's eyes flashed and the warrior felt as though something had tore through his very soul, a moment later he found himself flung like a rag-doll into one of the pillars behind him as the serpent's halberd tore a great rift through his chest plate. Coughing blood onto the temple floor the lord quickly regained his balance, leaping away from his stone adversary back toward the temple doors.

Aluvian felt his armour press against the great stone of the temple behind him. Ahead of him the creature had ceased its approach and seemed not to want to move any closer, the rest of the host had caught up with it and were finally wearing it down with their blades and claws. The lord smirked once more, how could this foolish construct dare think itself a match for the mighty chosen of Slaane-

The blade moved so fast that Aluvian barely managed to dodge it in time, smashing into the temple floor the giant stone scimitar sent chunks of debris up into the air. Aluvian's grin sagged into a look of horror as he watched the stone limbs of the four great statues around him creak into motion; centuries of collected dust falling away as the ancient guardians of the temple rounded on this new trespasser.

With quicksilver speed the lord of Slaanesh struck out against his stone aggressors, slicing his sword across their engraved armour in a flurry of well placed blows. Any mortal opponent would have fallen easily but against these unnatural adversaries the blade did not find its mark. Catching his breath Aluvian made to strike again but, before he could, the nearest statue sharply thrust its blade downward, pinning his weapon to the ground and bringing him to his knees.

A single trickle of red slid down the lord's fair face as he looked up at the towering stone guardians of the temple, their obsidian eyes staring down at him with a cold indifference. Aluvian threw his head back and began to howl in excitement, brushing the blood from his face with his free hand as the second ceremonial blade came down upon him.

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Thanks! I tried to get across just how badass Ushabti and stalkers are, it doesn't matter if you're one of the most skilled warriors in the mortal realms, Ushabti will mess you up haha. As for the soul pills, in 40k Slaanesh is all about consuming of souls for sustenance but in whfb and aos it's not heavily mentioned, so I reckoned his followers could be turning souls into hallucinogenics and consuming them so that WHEN he/she returns they can give them over to their patron as tribute. Tho I'm sure the soul of the Blood Maiden would have been tastier than a thousand Orruk ones!

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