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Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers Narrative Campaign


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I have decided to move the Realm Hoppers campaign to this forum as the uptake has not bee great on the website. Hoping because of the ease of posting on here, more people may start. The campaign will start again, but anyone who has gained Renown so far will keep what they have. Below you will see the Introduction, rules and First month objective. Remember all you need to do is post up pictures of finished war scrolls, report battle reports, much in the same way as Season of War. 

Would love for a big uptake on this! 

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Welcome to the new Online Campaign for Age of Sigmar: Rise of Empires. Realm Hoppers.


What is Realm Hoppers?

This is a brand new style of campaign gaming in the Age of Sigmar. It combines Path to Glory (PtG), Ladder Style campaigns, Matrix, Silver Tower dungeon crawler. You become a Hero in the Mortal and Chaos Realms, questing to locate Dark Crystals in the aftermath of the Age of Chaos. This is set after the Season of War and All-gates in the timeline. You will find yourself fighting through battle plans, obtaining treasure which can be exchanged on the Black Market, gaining Skills and most importantly growing your war band to help you along the way.


How do I take part?

All you need to start is your imagination. Just post below detailing your victories in your battles, post up newly painted war scroll pics or create short stories for your war band. You will receive renown points which will level up your Character. Once a month, you will receive a custom battle plan that will enable you to try and obtain Dark Crystals. With these Dark Crystals, you can exchange them for Skills, Treasure or Renown. Or you can instead try and harness their power to boost your Generals Stat line.


How much does it cost?

Nothing, its free!


What if I miss a month or want to change my Character?

No problem, post as much or as little as you like. If you want to change your Character, no worries, you will lose your Skills and Treasure but will keep your renown.


When is this starting?

The campaign will start from the 19th October.


What do I need to begin?

The first month, you will get the chance to roll on some PtG tables to add to your war band. Paint up the new units so by the end of the month you should have at least 1000 points worth of models. I have posted up the first battleplan below, use this only as a guide. Keep a record of how many crystals you collect in the battle and report back with a blog post showing at least one picture of the battle and the details of who won and any crystals collected.


What if i don't play games, I only paint?

Thats absolutely fine. You will still gain renown for posting pictures of your models and writing short stories. All you will miss out on is gaining skills, which if you don't play, isn't an issue.


How long does it run for?

This campaign will run until the 18th February 2017 , the reason for this is that the online campaign is also the prequel to an event we as a gaming group are running on this date which will conclude the story. Don't worry, you do not need to take part in the event on this day to be part of the online campaign and vice versa, you do not need to take part in the online campaign to attend the event.


What is a Skill card?

You will gain a Skill card (which will be generated and presented to you) when you trade in some types of Dark Crystals. Skill cards will range from giving you an extra attack, to being able to pile in and attack twice, to allowing you to fly, or maybe you ignore Rend. These can be kept and used again and again, until either you fail to post anything for a month, your General is slain in battle (be honest, its more fun) or change your Character. Should you wish to attend the Event on the 18th Feb, then any Skills you have, you can bring with you to start the event with.


What is a Treasure card?

Like Skill cards, but give you a one use only in your next battle.


What is Renown?

Gaining renown or XP as some call it, levels up your Character. You gain renown by posting blogs showing battles, painted war scrolls or writing short stories. Each time you level up, one of your stat lines increase for your General. There is a maximum of 5 levels to build up to.


So thats it basically! Anyone who has taken part in any of my previous campaigns will already be registered. Just let me know if you are taking part again!


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Welcome to the first Month of the Realm Hoppers campaign! 

So now you know what it is all about, it is time to get into the meat of the campaign. Start building your war band, start improving your General and start claiming the Dark Crystals!


Painting your war band.

Here is the best and easiest way of collecting renown points, for every war scroll that is painted and based, then posted up to the blog, you will earn a renown point. Renown points will enable your General to level up and in turn collect Dark Crystals. You can only Level up once per month. To get to Level 1, you need 8 Renown points.


For every 8 renown points you earn, you can collect either a Treasure Card or Secondary Objective Card. For every Level up you gain, you can collect a Skill Card. You cannot have more than 3 cards in your possession at anytime.


The battleplan.

So this is the first battleplan of the campaign. To play this battleplan, you need to build a war band from the PtG tables which can be found either in the Generals Handbook, or by following the Links below. Once your initial war band is selected, you are then free to choose from any table or roll on the relevant reward tables. After you have played through this battleplan, you can then play any type of game you like using the Path to Glory rules for adding to your war band.


Order Faction Path to Glory tables

Destruction Faction Path to Glory tables

Daemons of Chaos Path to Glory tables

Death and Tomb Kings Path to Glory Tables


For every battle you play, you gain 1 Renown point, for every battle you win, you gain an extra Renown point. If you have a secondary objective card and you complete this, you gain another Renown point.


Skill cards can be kept indefinitely (or until your General is slain in any battle or you replace the card), Treasure and Secondary Objective cards can only be used in your next battle and are then lost.




In this battleplan, you have the chance to find Dark Crystals. If you have any in your possession at the end of the battle, let me know how many you have. These can be exchanged on the Black Market for Treasure, or can be crushed and consumed.. this second option does not always help you, but may give you a super boost for your next battle! Please refer to the Generals Handbook if you wish to use the matrix campaign abilities.

Secondary Objectives, Skill and Treasure Cards

Below is the link to the folders containing all the Skill, Treasure and Secondary Objective Cards that will be in play. When you gain one of these cards, they will be given to you randomly. 


Secondary Objective Cards

Skill Cards

Treasure Cards

Writing Short Stories

There is one other way in which you can earn Renown points, you can write a short story for your general and war band, detailing something they have done in the Mortal Realms. This can be anything you like. But for every short story, you earn 1 renown point.


So thats it! Good Luck for Month 1 and I look forward to seeing your progress! There may be (if I get time) a painting competition at the end of this month where you will get chance to earn more Renown points! Keep your eye out of that.

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This was originally posted on the Realm Hoppers Blog Site but transferring it over here.

The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 1

Tales mention of a forgotten area of Aqshy, a corner of land that no-one, who doesn't wish themselves death, wonders. Delving further into this forsaken land, the heated bubbling rivers turn to boiling blood, bones litter the floor crunching under armoured foot, a mere warning to others their fate will be the same if they venture forth. Story says, whole armies have marched upon the Realm of Fire determined to conquer this renowned area and not a single one returns, their skulls taken for rewards. 

In recent times more renegades of Khorne both of Daemon descent and mortal Bloodbound have been witnessed transcending onto these lands to worship the creator of this blood bath. The in-wards rebellion of Khorne is growing at a steady pace and soon this Realm will crumble under crimson and bone.  

For the legends talk of one beast responsible for all this bloodshed, an exiled monster once the favour of Khorne. But now he lives an outcast, his anger and wrath the only shred of personality that this Bloodthirster possesses. Where he walks leading his rebellion, the blood rivers flow and the skull piles grow and now with an ever expanding number of worshippers, Skarbrand's power grows within the eight realms… may Sigmar have mercy on the unfortunate few who get in his way. 



The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 2

Ranuk raised his icon of Khorne high into the air, the light from the fires of Aqshy illuminated the portal of skulls that surrounded the defiled icon. The waves of Bloodreavers let out an almighty roar as they trampled over the skulls embedded on the floor, the bone dust mixed with the dry soil kicked up under their feet as they delved deeper into the rumoured lair of the Exiled One. The Bloodbound had been on the move for days now searching for the Exiled One, as they traversed further into the Realm of Fire the telling signs of Skarbrand were apparent, the skulls were more frequent, the bubbling rivers of lava were now bubbling with blood but yet they couldn't find the Outcast. 

Small pockets of resistance from FyreSlayers cropped up but the hordes of Bloodbound, frenzied by their desire of finding Skarbrand, were overwhelmed. Weeks passed and it felt like Ranuk was losing hope of finding the lair of the rebellion of Khorne, but as he lifted his Portal of Skulls into the air to give more orders to his Bloodbound, the almighty roar pierced their eardrums. The light around Ranuk drew dark as the Exiled One stood before him…. 



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I shall also post up my beginnings for The Wolves of Ghur!

To start the campaign, I have chosen Order Free People and therefore chose my war band from these Path to Glory tables. Below is the beginning of my story in the campaign. The story of Règgio and The Wolves of Ghur.




It had been a year or so since the war to defend the city of Greywater Fastness , the war which had seen the death of the King of Bretonni and ruler of House Houghton. The kingdoms were in ruin, the Kings only son Paladin Hènry was also killed in the finally days pushing away an insurance of Khorne Daemons from the edges of the city of Carcassonne leaving no true heir to the throne other than the Black Knight who was still missing from a time long before these cities of Order had sprung up.


A new King was needed to unite the people once again, stories were being told of the location of the Black Knight, one who could lead the Kingdom to prosperity once again. The time had come to find him and crown him and his house once again.


In the depths of the Forests surrounding Cartha, Règgio stood around a camp with a few of his trusted men by his side. He was one who did not belong to a house, like his brothers in arms. They were nomads wandering the Realms in search of something greater. He like a few others had been blessed with sipping from the Grail, but instead of returning home to lead with the countrymen, their quest was to search the Realms for clues of their past. They had heard tales of a powerful substance that allowed the bearer to whatever information they wanted to know. It was only known as 'Dark Crystals', their location, scattered in every part of every Realm. 


This is where we are now. Many aspiring champions, lords, questers and the likes had heard of the same, but each had heard of its powers being used for different things. An aspiring Deathbringer from Aqshy had heard the power of The Dark Crystals  could be used to ascend him straight to daemonhood. A Nomad Prince from Ghyran heard the Crystals power could be used to bring their forest King Orion back from the void. A Doomseeker Fyreslayer heard that if you crack open a crystal, Ur-Gold will forever pour out from it. A Beastclaw Hunter had heard, the crystals have the power to banish the winter forever. They couldn't all be right? Could they. 


The search for the crystals had begun, the Age of Realm Hoppers was here.


Règgio O'ùghton and The Wolves of Ghur


Règgio, the Nomad Lord, Leader of the war band. His search for the Dark Crystals has started in the realm he and his people are most familiar with, Ghur. he once belonged to House Houghton, he was a nephew of the late King. He begun his quest for the Grail before the great war, a great story in itself. But now his search for information has brought him down this path. He must gain followers for the road ahead is long. 



The Paladin of Cartha, a noble prince of the grail, entrusted with holding aloft the banner of the lady. Règgio's brother in blood, Franc.




His Men at Arms, previous followers of House Hulks will follow Règgio to the end. Trusted militia 

 armed with Long Pikes and Shields.



Règgio's fellow Grail Knights, the same that left all those years ago on the same questing campaigns. They will never leave their

Lords side and will fight to the death in honour of the Lady.




The Knights of the Realm, all champions in their own right, fought for their Kingdom in the Season of War. The saw

Règgio on the battlefields, they saw the passion in his eyes and blessings of the lady in his

every swing of blade. From that moment they vowed to follow Règgio to the end,



Nomads of the Forests of Cartha, the Pegasus Knights joined the Lord to find the blessing of the lady in the own right.

And so the first quest has begun, they will travel to the Verdigris Plains in Chamon as this is where it is told the power of the crystals focuses.



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10 hours ago, Spiky Norman said:

I'm in as well.

@Nixon, me and 2 others are slowly starting up on a points based Path to Glory campaign, which we can probably fold into the Realm Hoppers campaign.


Yer dude, merge it in! Would be great to see your warbands progress and as a bonus, you get extra bits through this campaign too! 

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1 hour ago, TalesOfSigmar said:

Can we use different armies for doing some of the campaign battleplans?

Having a game on Monday for the Crystal Shatters battleplan but will be using my Orruks as the Khorne are still only half built.

Yer dude! Treat it as your own campaign. When you start playing with your Khorne, your skills and treasures won't transfer across but your renown points will! 

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The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 3


Ranuk looked up ready to bow down to the Exile One however this beast, while a servant of Khorne, was not the Exiled One they were looking for. Stood before them instead, wings aloft with a gore-drenched axe of Khorne that was almost the size of the figure holding it, was a Bloodthirster obviously enraged that these mere Mortals had disrupted his land. "Who are you?" bellowed the Bloodthirster the command echoed across the lands as Ranuk and his Blood Reavers stared in awe of this killing machine. A moment passed, all eyes were on Ranuk who could feel the Bloodthirster staring a whole through him. While their bloodlust spurred them on in Aqshy, their confidence seemed to have disappeared and drained from their body. "I SAID WHO ARE YOU?!?" roared the Bloodthirster…."Ra…Ranu…Ranuk" the Bloodsecrator looked around for a moment before continuing "we are here to find the Exiled One…."

The Bloodthirster stared at Ranuk and then his tribe that had come on this quest, he was in two minds he could easily kill these humans with a couple of swings of his axe. But he knew the repercussions of this motion. "What do you want with my Master?" queried the Bloodthirster, Ranuk was taken back by this, he wasn't expecting this monster of Khorne to be a servant for Skarbrand, but he knew that if this Bloodthirster was a part of Skarbrand's rebellion then they must be near. Knowing that this Bloodthirster served under him Ranuk felt a bit more confident in engaging in conversation. "Where is your master Bloodthirster? I command you to tell me…." suddenly another deafening roar filled the land, "DO NOT COMMAND ME HUMAN!!!" The Bloodthirster lifted his axe high into the air as if it was weightless.

"I Barruk, may well be a servant of Skarbrand but let me remind you I could easily wipe your very existence from this realm with one fell swoop. Do not take me for granted." The colour that had regained in Ranuk's face instantly drained again as the Bloodsecrator backed down, he couldn't look weak in front of his followers but his life wasn't worth gambling with. "Barruk…I mean no disrespect, we're here to follow the Exiled One, The Drinker of Blood, we want to serve Skarbrand and lead this rebellion against Khorne…" it was now or never, Ranuk knew that either Barruk would lead him to Skarbrand and greatness or he'd lead him and his followers to his death…

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The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 4


Sayl was impressed, his search for this rumoured Khorne Rebellion had sent him on trip around the Mortal Realms like no other. With no winds of magic to follow, which he relied on when it came to finding the followers of the other gods, tracking down Skarbrand and his warband was a lot trickier than he envisioned. It took more than a few torturous rituals to get the information from the still-loyal followers of Khorne.  But never the less he finally got what he needed. The directions were simple, travel to the Realm of Aqshy and follow the breadcrumbs of skulls. Soon the molten lava rivers would turn to bubbling blood and you knew you'd be on your way.

He looked at the entrance of the cavern and the hundreds of skulls scattering across the floor, this was definitely the place he thought. Just as he was about to venture across the lands towards the entrance he was forced to take shelter behind a rock outline as a wave of Bloodletters riding blood-crazed Juggernauts came racing out a cloud of bone dust covering their advance. Their leader, a bulkier Bloodletter took centre stage barking orders to his followers as they raced off in the opposite direction, much to the relief of Sayl, until he met with Skarbrand he didn't fancy going face to face with any of the other members of the Khorne rebellion. Being a wizard he knew he was treading on unsanctioned ground.

Making sure the entrance was open and free from any more Daemons or cannibalistic Bloodbound he muttered a spell under his breath and headed forwards. Confident he'd got the incantation correct, he would now be able to walk straight up to the entrance and into the keep without the worry of being. On the very slim chance that he'd muttered a word wrong while casting then he was sure he'd be cut down by the first follower of Skarbrand that set eyes on him.

He didn't have long to wait to see the outcome as Bloodreavers, mortals of Khorne came running out in their droves supported by what seemed like their leader who carried a huge banner covered in human skulls. What was more worrying was these crazed individuals made a beeline straight for Sayl. However thankfully, as the great wizard prepared to fight to the bitter end, the Bloodreavers sprinted straight past him and continued in the same direction that the Bloodletters on Juggernauts went. Waiting for the last stragglers of the Bloodreavers to emerge he continued to venture further into the heart of the Khorne Rebellion…


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The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 5


After dodging numerous Bloodletters, yet more Bloodreavers and the occasional general who stood amongst them barking orders Sayl finally found himself in the epicentre of the Rebellion. Skulls carpeted the floor for as far as the eye could see, larger skulls once belonging to behemoths of the lands of Aqshy forced pathways as the inhabitants had to scoot left or right around the massive skulls. Sayl headed down one of the corridors not really knowing what the plan was but as he headed down a unit of Bloodletters jittering and communicating with each other headed up in the opposite direction. He quickly double-backed and headed the other way but his escape route was blocked off by another unit of Bloodletters coming the other way.

Noticing a chamber just down from him out the corner of his eye he slipped into it without hesitation. The two units of Bloodletters  passed mere moments after while Sayl planned his next move, he needed a better idea of where to go rather than sneaking aimlessly around this keep. It was at that point he had the inkling that he wasn't alone in this room and was a little afraid to turn around and assess what situation he had got himself into.   

Barruk sniffed, despite the abundance of sulphur from the lava in the region that familiar smell was apparent. A wizard had was near, so near in fact it was if he was in the room with him. He grabbed his might Axe of Khorne and continued to work out where this scent was coming from because as far as he could tell Barruk was alone in this room. But he was too wise and too powerful to not underestimate the trickery of the eye that a wizard could cause. Thankfully for Barruk there was only two ways of getting in and out of this room and he was about to leave through the other entrance before he picked up the odour.

"I know you're in here Wizard. You have a distinguishable stench", Barruk continued to drag his Axe on the floor to the side of him, making an almighty scraping noise that was very easily unsettling for any mortal. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Show yourself now" roared Barruk. The Bloodthirster's bellows had been heard throughout the whole keep and in turn had gathered the attention of the Bloodletters who had just passed the chamber. They now surrounded the chamber blocking off both entrances, at this point Sayl knew he was trapped. Barruk stepped ever closer until the hulking daemon of Khorne was a mere breath away, he took in one massive sniff and in an instance grabbed the robes of Sayl who's invisibility spell immediately dissolved. The chittering of the Bloodletters increased with the sudden audience of the wizard who now stood before them.  

"You fool. You sneak in here and expect to get away with this?" The Bloodthirster's fist was now tightly gripped around the throat of Sayl and was slowly but surely lifting him off the floor, his feet kicking in the air as he struggled for breath. "My master does not put up with your kind", Barruk threw Sayl to the side thumping against the wall as his body then hit the floor with a sickening thud. The wizard caught his breath for a moment, the Bloodletters egging the towering Bloodthirster on, not that it needed any encouragement to finish this. Sayl got to his knees raising his hands just in time as the Giant Axe of Khorne came swinging down to end his existence.

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Thought I'd post my whole army so far here, the Hurricanum at the end is a new unit! Starting on Sylvaneth this month, so expect a short story linking the two forces soon!

Marshal Agravain

A veteran of Constantine's house, Marshal Agravain has served the Freeguild since before Constantine was born. Noone dare ask how one of such age keeps has hair from turning grey.



The Amber-Gilded Zweihanders

The Zweihanders are Constantine's very best troops, surviving many ordeals in the service of the Freeguild. 




They have half jokingly had the first part of their title added by the rest of the guild in reference to the state of their well-worn weaponry.




Knights of the Round



These three have loyally served Lord Constantine's family for as long as anyone could remember.



The peasantry of the Freeguild spoke of "Golem" in hushed whispers, however the truth may be far more disturbing...


Their livery and armament hints at their true nature for those who delve deep into mythical writings...




What is Karlfranz? The maker of the weapon? A bound spell?

Blub's Men




Blub was even more tired than usual. His regiment had been on the move for as long as he could remember. Even through absolute fatigue however, he knew each and every man would follow the Order to Aqshy and back to achieve their goal, even though it seemed unfathomable to these common men.With their lives on their backs, Blub's men were scouts of the assembled Freeguilds of Azyrheim, part of which had been attached to The Order long ago. Moving through the Realm of Beasts at the forefront of The Orders forces, they were tasked with tracking any signs of Chaos they could find, with particular importance given to that of the servants of the pus god Nurgle...

Lord Constantine



Lord Constantine was inducted into the Order after being gifted with armour plate and parchment from the Holy Stormcast after serving them in Azyrheim in his early years. Constantine brought his Freeguild detachment with him on his Pilgrimage with The Order. Only he of all the Freeguild is fully briefed in The Order's purpose.
Constantine rides his griffon Dimfeather into battle, raised by Constantine himself from an egg gifted to him by the griffon handlers of Azyrheim.

In smaller skirmishes, Constantine rides to war on an atrophied pegasus, found after a clash with the Beasts of the Forest.






Drafted Freeguild



Many Freeguild Guard followed Constantine and The Order out of Azyrheim, none understood the hardship they would face out in the Realms. Constant travel, war and fatigue soon took it's toll, only the hardiest of men still survive.

The Priest



Many priests of The Order give up their names and titles upon entry. They each adopt hoods to cover their eyes, needing only the light of Sigmar to guide them...

The Iron Fulcrum







Discovering this long-lost device amongst the ruins of a lost civilization, the wizard Myrddin sensed it's arcane power and took it for his own. In battle, Myrddin channels his power through the Fulcrum, augmented by it's natural meteorological energies.

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