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Hey, I'm Chris

Chris Tomlin

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Hey boys and girls,

Thought I should stop lurking and finally post!

I'm Chris Tomlin and I've been playing Warhammer since the end of 4th edition (with the obligatory breaks, but I've played every edition since), I have to say AoS is already the most fun I've had play Warhammer. 

I played on the UK Tournament a bit during 6th edition as part of Team Shenanigans and then, after another break, returned with my own group of reprobates; The Black Sun. We have been playing at Tournaments regularly since mid 2009 and some would say made a name for ourselves for our off the table antics as opposed to gaming itself! I couldn't possibly comment on such things.

I have a podcast, The Black Sun, that has been going for some time now and after a hiatus at the start of AoS has made a return. Due to running my own AoS tournament and then painting an army for SCGT there has been a delay, but we are recording this week and will be back into some semblance of a regular schedule.

I see many familiar global Internet names and friends here (I have also been lucky enough to visit the USA twice to play Warhammer) which is great. Ben has done a great job bringing us together. As well as getting to chat with existing friends, I hope to meet some new blood entering our scene for the first time.

I could go on, but that'll do for now!

Chris x



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