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Events UK: Rain of Stars

Chris Tomlin

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Event Title: Rain of Stars
Event Author: Chris Tomlin
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 08/06/2016 12:00 AM

Hey guys,

As a follow up to New Dawn in March, I am proud to announce my next event;

Rain of Stars

This will be a one day Warhammer: Age of Sigmar tournament held on Saturday 6th August 2016.

The venue is;
Upwey & Broadwey Memorial Hall,
Victoria Avenue,
Weymouth DT3 5NG

Attendance will be capped at 32 players and tickets will cost £17 - They are available now and payment should be sent via Paypal (friends and family) to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com

As well as 3 games of AoS, you will also get lunch provided.

We will be using the latest version of the Clash comp pack with new scenarios 6-8.

I am up for organising attendees and having a bit of a night out in Weymouth afterwards for anyone who decides to stay over the Saturday night.

Now the main reason for this event is to raise some money for my future Sister in law Lucy, who is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity later in the year. Her mother tragically passed away last year and the charity she is raising for really is a great cause - https://www.justgiving.com/lucy-buckingham24

So with this in mind all profit raised from the event will go towards Lucy's just giving total. Because of this, unlike New Dawn there will not be any custom glasses or free beer (these will return at my next 2 day event!). There will be all the regular trophies you'd expect to see though. I will look to do a raffle as well to raise a few extra quid. More details to follow.

Hopefully I have covered everything for now? Please ask any questions as I easily could've overlooked something having been sat at the computer all day editing the new podcast episode!! (go listen!)

Chris x

Rain of Stars

01 - Paul Buckler
02 - Steve Hursell
03 - Sam Davies
04 - Matthew Lyons
05 - Andy Talbot
06 - David Fulbrook
07 - Adam Elford
08 - Aaron Bailey
09 - Matt Clarke
10 - Dave Roberts
11 - Karl Breakspear
12 - Patrick Rance
13 - Patrick O'Sullivan
14 - Bryan Carmichael 
15 - Gary Hennessey
16 - Steve Foote
17 - Ben Chalke
18 - Jon Jones
19 - Declan Waters
20 - Dom Hook
21 - Adam Petford
22 - Elliot O'Neill
23 - Chris Lewis
24 - Terry Pike
25 - Russ Veal
26 - Marc Wilson
27 - Tom Hewitt
28 - Nicholas Ruesink-Brown
29 - Henry Poor
30 - Les Martin
31 - Ian Crook
32 - Donal Taylor
33 - Ricky Mee
34 - Ben Diesel

01 - Gary Hennessey vs Adam Elford
02 - Andy Talbot vs Sam Davies
03 - Matthew Lyons vs Terry Pike
04 - Dom Hook vs Les Martin
05 - Aaron Bailey vs Tom Hewitt

Registration: 08:15 - 08:45
Announcements: 08:45 - 09:00
Lunch & voting for best painted: 11:45 - 12:45
Charity Raffle & Results Presentation: 18:45 - 19:15
Venue address - Upwey & Broadwey Memorial Hall, Victoria Avenue, Upwey, Weymouth DT3 5NG
My telephone number - 07738621308
All armies must be fully painted and based on appropriate round or oval bases. No squares. Any unpainted models will be removed from the table. If you are unsure on this requirement, please email me to clarify. 
Every player will be expected to use the most recent version of any warscroll in the case of duplicates and must also have copies of their armies list and wars rolls available if their opponent wishes to see them. Digital copies are acceptable (it's 2016 bro!). 
All players are required to bring 5 pieces of terrain to the event. Mysterious terrain will be used (cue the inevitable "I rolled a 1 on Mystical terrain" stories!) 
General's Handbook
As you will have probably seen from Twitter etc, we will be using the General's Handbook for Rain of Stars. Army lists are to be submitted no later than Sunday 31st July within the body of an email (no attachments) to this email address
Down-pointing red triangle When you submit your army list you must include your name, club designation and also which allegiance your army has - this will not change and must remain the same each game. I'm not too fussy on format as long as it is the body of the email and easy to understand/read. 
Down-pointing red triangle Your army can be up to 3,000 points, however you will use just 2,000 points of this in each game - basically I am keeping the "sideboard" mechanic we have been using in both Clash and SCGT comp prior to this books release. I'm a big fan of this and hope it remains a part of our scene. 
Down-pointing red triangle The army selection restrictions are to be ignored for this event only. As it is so soon after the book comes out I don't want to invalidate anyone's armies, therefore all army selection restrictions are removed. (Ie max number of Leaders, Behemoths & Artillery plus minimum Battleline). 
Down-pointing red triangle Everything else in the book will be adhered to, including rules of one, artefacts & traits etc. 
Down-pointing red triangle As per above your allegiance cannot change from game together, however at the start of each battle when selecting your 2,000pts you can nominate a general and pick traits & artefacts, which can change from game to game. 
Down-pointing red triangle The Battleplan's used will also be selected from the Matched Play section of the General's Handbook and I will announce this at the start of each round. It may seem strange to not announce them in advance, but by allowing you to build your army to 3,000 points you can factor in and plan for what you might need in the various Battleplan's. 
If points are not released for Forgeworld models on the 23rd, I will still be allowing these and will email out a list of points. This will be based on SCGT x20, with some modifications. Looking at you Mr. Mourngul!
There are 65 Tournament Points (TPs) available at Rain of Stars. You will notice less than half of these are available from gaming alone (although in reality the last 15 are a gimme that everyone should get so really it's 30/50 in gaming). I am a big fan of "soft scores" and like my tournament standings to reward players who excel in these fields of the hobby. The breakdown is as follows;
Gaming - 30TPs
Each game has 10TPs up for grabs and will be awarded in the following manner;
Major Victory - 10
Minor Victory - 8
Draw - 5
Minor Loss - 2
Major Loss - 0
Painting - 10TPs
Anyone nominated for Best Painted Army will receive 5TPs. The player who wins this award with most player votes will receive and additional 5TPs (so 10TP total). Please note that anyone having to remove models due to them being unpainted or on square bases etc, will be docked 5TP as well as not getting to use the model(s). 
Sports - 10TPs
These TPs are awarded for players receiving Best Opponent votes. At the end of Game 3, when submitting results, each player will also be required to vote for their Best Opponent across the 3 games. There is no criteria to this, so it could be the most fun, most competitive, best looking army or whatever you like. The breakdown is;
1 Best Opponent vote - 2TP
2 Best Opponent votes - 5TP
3 Best Opponent votes - 10TP
Misc - 15TPs
Enter something worth £10 or more into the charity raffle (see below) - 5TPs
Vote for Best Painted Army - 5TPs
Submit a correct army list on time in a legible format - 5TPs
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall (All TPs combined - first tiebreak is number of Best Opponent votes, second is VPs)
- Best In Alliance (Order, Chaos, Death, Destruction - decided by highest number of Major Victories alone, with VPs being the tiebreak. Overall placing will be a second tiebreak if required)
- Best Sports (Decided by highest number of Sports TPs, in the case of tie the player with the highest overall placing will win the award)
- Best Painted Army (Decided by player votes. In the case of a tie I will cast the deciding vote)
- The Ben Diesel Award for Excellence (Lowest TPs combined)
Food & Drink
I will try to make tea and coffee available in the morning. There is no bar or alcohol for sale, which is good news as it means you can bring your own booze (and are encouraged to do so!!). There is a little corner shop a couple of minutes from the venue if you need additional refreshments. 
Lunch is provided and each player needs to reply to this email informing me of their choice of the following;
Fish & Chips
Battered Sausage & Chips
Fishcake & Chips
Charity Raffle
As you know, the whole purpose of this event is to raise money for this great cause - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Lucy-Buckingham24
So with that in mind I will be doing a charity raffle after game 3. When registering in the morning, entrants will be able to donate something towards the charity raffle. If the value is £10 or more they will be awarded 5TPs. Anything Warhammer related is fine, so long as it is new on the sprue (so no bashed up half painted or assembled models etc). Older models packaged with square bases are fine, as are all manner of publication. Also, I'll be disappointed if there's not a Dreadfleet in there. All raffles have a Dreadfleet!
I will be selling raffle tickets throughout the day, standard £1 for a strip sort of thing, so please please give generously, it'd be great to raise a really good amount for the charity and I'm sure there will be some great raffle prizes on offer (I am sourcing some externally as well)
As well as the event raffle, Adam Aelford is also raffling off his award winning Khorne army. You can find details of that here - http://www.tga.community/blogs/entry/97-details/
If people are staying over and facing a night out on Saturday, it would be great for us to go out together. We can gauge and plan this on the day. 
Additional information dated 25/07/16 
Firstly can I just ask again that people get their food choices across to me ASAP. You have the choice of;
Fish & chips
Battered sausage & chips
Fishcake & chips
Also if you want to get grudges in, please do that sooner rather than later (by list submission at the latest). The draw will be done next Monday after all lists are in; also remember there are TPs up for grabs for doing this. See my original email or TGA.community for more info. 
Remember as well that for anyone staying over on the Saturday you are welcome to join those of us who are going out in Weymouth afterwards!
Another quick note that all armies are to be painted as are the 5 pieces of terrain you will all be bringing! A few people have asked me about this...it was in the original email ;)
(Can some kind soul lend Steve Hursell 5 pieces of terrain?)
So you should all have a copy of the General's Handbook by now and indeed, will be expected to have a copy (physical or digital) on the day. There are also points out there for Forgeworld and Silver Tower stuff, so please feel free to use any of that you fancy. Remember we are ignoring the army selection restrictions only. Everything else from the Matched Play section will be adhered to, including rules of one, traits, triumphs, artefacts, reinforcements and anything else. Essentially you can just think of this as a "points-only" Tournament. 
Now there are some Battalions out there that have unfortunately not been pointed. I am more than happy for any of these to be used at Rain of Stars (except Brotherhood of the Great Bolts!!). If you wish to use one, simply multiple the cost within SCGT pool choices V2.2 by 20 (and note this in your list submission). If you are at all unsure, please ask. 
In fact, if you are unsure on anything, please ask. I'll admit this isn't as "well organised" as I'd have liked and is normal for my events, the GH dropping so near to the event is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it's fantastic to be able to use it and for people to start playing games under it, yet on the other it's a bit of a nightmare logistically. 
That said, we have a great group of guys signed up and I'm sure any teething problems as a result of the book can be quickly and easily resolved. 
Please note that the GH FAQ will be used. 
Here a couple of small clarifications also;
?Allegiances are still to be fixed as per my first email, but as per the FAQ you can always default to your Grand Alliance Allegiance. Ie a pure Sylvaneth army could have either Sylvaneth or Order Alliegance - however this must be stipulated on your army list submission and cannot change from game to game. To be honest, there are very few armies this is even an issue for. 
?Battalions need to be listed and paid for out of your army cost. Kinda obvious but different to some of our older community driven packs, so good to clarify. 
?All summoning/reinforcements is paid for from your 2,000 point army each game. Ie if you want to summon 300 points, you can only deploy 1,700 points. You can then summon up to 300 points of models from your remaining pool of models and do not have to pre declare a "summoning pool" (potentially you could have up to 1,300 points worth of stuff to pick from). In short never more than 2,000 points on the table. 
?Please note than any Battalion that allows you to replace destroyed units etc only works if you have the appropriate reinforcement points available. 
?In your overall army (remember, up to 3,000 points) you do not need to list unit sizes. Ie you can write 60 Crypt Ghouls (600), then from game to game you can freely pick how you wish to deploy these, adhering to GH unit sizes. So using same example, you could deploy 3x 20 Ghouls, 2x 30, 40 and 2x 10 etc etc (obviously you do not have to deploy all 60!). 
?You can pick traits and artefacts before each game, no need to roll for these. You also cannot assign artefacts to reinforcement points (that one's for you Nico! ?)
?Theres been a fair bit of talk around moving trees on TGA today. For Rain of Stars I'm going to say that you can physically remove the trees from citadel woods for ease of movement, however you cannot place or move models over the circles they inhabit. Don't forget that as per the GH, Monsters cannot ever claim +1 save for being in cover anyway. 
?Please feel free to bring hills as part of your 5 pieces of terrain. They will count as cover at Rain of Stars. 
?Sudden Death rules do not apply
I think that covers most other things I wanted to note, rules wise, for now. 
I'm going to chuck all this on TGA along with the previous email for quick reference. 
Keep asking questions are they arise, gimme your food choices and get your lists + grudges in!!
Whilst I previously advised there would not be custom glasses at Rain of Stars due to it being a charity event, this is not strictly true. I was able to source some glasses suitable for spirits + mixers / short drinks. These will be emblazoned with the TBS logo and have the event name & date. I will be selling these at £3 per glass with all profit going towards the charity pot. When signing into the event in the morning each player will be able to purchase one glass (and I would really hope everyone does, they are a nice memento of the event and the paltry £3 is for a great cause). There are some extra glasses so people wishing to register interest in additional glasses can do so during sign in and we'll sort it from there. The custom pint glasses will of course return at my next two dayer in 2017. 
Regarding the charity raffle, as well as the goodies you guys are bringing down on the day I have sourced a few additional items to add as well, so it should be great. 
Edited by Chris Tomlin
Updated with all info that has been emailed to entrants
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Fair play mate!

Entrants updated. 23 and counting. Looking good already!

Got some exciting plans regarding the charity side of things. To keep up to date with the latest, be sure to check out The Black Sun podcast. Episode 89 out this weekend and can be found on this fine forum in the podcast section.

Cheers x

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20 hours ago, Binx said:

Signed up and ready to go. No painting required, 2 months of practice games here we come!

Amazing! That's the dream. What you going to be bringing?

With the addition of Russ & Terry we've hit 25 players, which is really good. Thanks to everyone for signing up!

With New Dawn allowing unpainted models as a SCGT warm up a couple of people have queried it for Rain of Stars. I have to confirm that this event requires painted models on round/oval bases. 

Cheers x

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8 hours ago, Chris Tomlin said:

Amazing! That's the dream. What you going to be bringing?

With the addition of Russ & Terry we've hit 25 players, which is really good. Thanks to everyone for signing up!

With New Dawn allowing unpainted models as a SCGT warm up a couple of people have queried it for Rain of Stars. I have to confirm that this event requires painted models on round/oval bases. 

Cheers x

I've just finished rebasing my Savage Orcs, and with the Bonesplittas Big Mob available, would be rude not to bring them

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Chris,

Am working out if I might be able to come along as you're just down the road - I've not tried Clashcomp before and wanted to ask if legacy warscrolls can be used, or is army selection restricted to just scrolls in the relevant Grand Alliance books? 

Apologies if there is an obvious answer to this somewhere that I've missed...



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Hey Gav,

Did you ask me this on Twitter the other day? If so I did see it and was meaning to reply, apologies.

I am not sure that the "legacy" concept is one adopted by Clash tbh, I've just had a look over the current pool choice document and can't see this. Whilst it is a widely accepted term, I think "legacy" just applies to SCGT.

That said, nothing is set in stone as of yet as the General's Handbook could come out and change everything. So whilst I cannot make promise *yet* I am confident that I will not be discounting any warscrolls and it would be great if you came along :) 

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Yeah, that was me on Twitter - think I posted the same day lots of Silver Tower stuff was going on on Twitter so figured my question may have (understandably) been missed. :)

No worries re the scrolls - not hugely experienced with tournaments and haven't done anything with AoS so am finding myself asking a lot of noobish questions, particularly where things may differ from one organiser to the next. 

Anyway, definitely tempted, just need to work out the logistics before I commit. :D 

Thanks Chris.

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Definitely understandable with the questions, there can be lots of variations amongst the packs! Would be great to have you along for your first AoS event, there are plenty of newer players in attendance.

If you have other questions feel free to DM me directly on here as it is less likely to get lost etc :) 

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