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AoS 4.0 - Kruleboyz Discussion

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After being an exciting addition at the start of 3.0 it was quick to see the issues that a standalone Kruleboyz army had. Now with 4.0 there's been a complete overhaul and things feel far more exciting for the Morkish Orruks! 

Linking to articles about the changes; 





Are you excited for the Kruleboyz in the new edition? 

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I'm liking the fact that Dirty Tricks happen each turn and are a choice about what happens too, still gated behind a dice roll but seems better by far than the 3.0 implementation. WIll be interesting to get to see all the warscrolls and really dive into things. 

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22 hours ago, Cataphract said:

My big question is if Gobbsprak is still worth it in a list for his points?

I think if the game develops a magic-heavy meta he could be worth it.
But otherwise I think he's too expensive.
A Killaboss on Vulcha and a Shaman is just 30 points more and a much more versatile combo IMO.
You can make the Shaman a level 2 wizard as well.

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