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Having a clear out!

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I am coming to the realisation that I really won't get round to a lot of the models I have been holding onto.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the following. Based in UK, but happy to send anywhere. Postage costs on top.

Fyreslayer half of Fury of the Deep box - New on sprue £70

Stormcast half of Dominion box - New on sprue £60

Stormcast Praetor Prime - Stormbringer exclusive mini - New on sprue £15 (2 available)

Torrk Lennsen - Store Anniversary mini 2023 Kharadron Admiral - New in box £35

Erasmus Cartavolnus - Store Anniversary mini 2022 Inquisitor 40k - New in box £45

Warcry Rotmire Creed and cards - New on sprue £30

Warcry Hunters of Huanchi and cards - New on sprue £30

Warcry Rot & Ruin campaign book - As new £15

Warcry Stealth & Stone campaign book - As new £15

I also have a load of Relic Knight minis from Soda Pop Miniatures. From memory I have some Noh, Black Diamond, Star Nebula Corsairs & Shattered Sword, ask and I will have a dig through it.

I've probably got more kicking around but this is a start, I will update this list as find more.

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