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Hi, Malin got in


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Malin just dropped by to say "Hi" to all fellow forum members.

Normal people call me Karol, but for gamers it was always Malin - first things first, even though it might look like that, by the look of the name and nickname, I am not a girl ;)

I am Warhammering my life since 5th edition, so around 20 odd years now. Was AoS weird change, in Poland it devastated the community, some people play 9th Age, some are flying letter shaped spaceships and wield glowing sticks, or use some strength or other weird stuff...

Anyway, our local community stood up from its knees and slowly is growing up. Our local store is doing great job here, dedicating one of the days to AoS. Hope that recent news, will have positive impact on the amount of gamers and few people will get back to Warhammer :)

There was a time when I used to paint miniatures full time as a commission painter (in Mantra Studio). I am majorly on hiatus, doing some blood bowl teams from time to time for one dedicated customer. But if you want something painted, just drop me a PM.

In recent years I was mostly playing Daemons (started with Storm of Chaos) and it stayed that way. But with AoS release and my fantasy of building Khorne Warriors army, you probably know how it ended "Shut up and take my money GW". And so they did.


Love the idea of Formations, as this sets you a plan on what to buy, build and paint and get some additional in-play benefits out of this. So Dark Feast and Brass Stampede are on my to-do list ;)








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18 hours ago, Keith Ball said:

Hi buddy !! welcome to the site, just starting to assemble a Khorne Bloodbound army myself...

Any particular plan on what you want to have in your army?

I plan few Battalion Formations:

Dark Feast

Brass Stampede

Redblade Varanguard (Brass Stampede is included here)

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18 hours ago, Keith Ball said:

Hi, not even thought of anything like that yet tbh, just want to get them assembled and painted first, then look at formations,but if you can recommend how to play them then please let me know ?

Nothing certain at this stage as I have few games under my belt only. Real life took its toll on my gaming for last few months (getting married and all that jazz :) ).


Will get back with any comments and experiences on this topic in proper section ;)

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