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"Masters of the Chapter" - groundbreaking new matched play list B)

Double Misfire

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Hi guys, here's my idea for an amaaaaaazing matched play list:

Lord Celestant on Dracoth, Thunderaxe, shield, general, Reckless, +1 damage weapon

5 more Lord Celestants on Dracoths with shields and Thunderaxes

3 units of 5 Liberators

9 individual gryph-hounds (tiny Silver Tower gryh-hounds on 25mm bases, spread out when they need to be to avoid aoe stuff and squished together behind dracoths when theyneed to be too)

Someone with the range and patience can shoot out the gryph hounds if they really want to, but are still gonna be left with a load of fast heroes who make each other better by spitting mortal wounds.

Background wise it's based on the bit in Quest for Ghal Maraz where Vandus Hammerhand leads a load of Lord Celestants on Dracoths up a mountain to beat up on a bunch of beastmen pushing rocks down it.

What would you counter it with? How do you think your list would fare against it?


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I think the Lord Celestial on Dracoth is not really competitive against similar troop like Thudertusk Riders... They are more expensive but they are much faster (Destruction Special ability) and fatal in ranged attack.

A Beastclaw army can always shoot first (they can move 21' in one turn without charge) and overwhelm Lord Celetial on Dracoth in shooting phase. There weapon deal 6 MW instead of 1D3. 

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