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Beasts of Chaos (& General Dynamic Miniature Posing)


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So I want to have BoC Gors, Ungors and Bestigor that are more dynamic (I could ramble and grumble about no new unit models for BoC, but I actually want to do some hobby this side of the millennium). Ideally I would like to pose them running, attacking...just anything except a statue. 

I am really not a big fan of resin (as I do like the GW aesthetic), and much prefer to use GS and plastic. So, the question is - does anyone have examples of more dynamic BoC posing (pictures or links), or how you would go about posing models in a more dynamic fashion in general? I would like to think that I am pretty decent with GS/conversions , so happy to take relatively advanced tutorials. If there are also any pictures, I would love to see them. I am not looking to make many models (as I will primarily be playing Mordheim and other Skirmish games), so any singular models would also work.

(currently thinking of buying some of the Blood Bowl Doom Lords from ebay, and hoping that they aren't huge in comparison).

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