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Stormcast Eternals list from first, second and third edition starters


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I have Stormcast Eternals models from first, second and third edition army boxes. And a lonely Luminark of Hysh / Celestial Hurricanum. 

Can I build at least a semi competitive list from that motley collection? 

If the answer is yes: which role each unite perform?

If the answer is no: well, what is the budget way to expand from this point?

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Cancon had some Stormcast Eternals players that placed really well. pretty sure that you can build a good competitive list with old stuff too.

I can't say anything more because I don't play them, and most of my friends that have a SCE army just play tournaments with other armies. Not because SCE don't do well, it's just that their rules are a bit uninspired compared to Lumineth, Slaves to Darkness, etc...

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