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Hey everyone! Hope everyone has had a great January so far, mine has been at times stressful but overall real amazing. We finally got some decent snow fall which has really energized my hobby. Something about painting with the small falling is just cozy and really draws me in. And with that I want to share my first finished model of 2023, my Engine of the Gods, The Engine of Tepok! 

Admittedly, most of this was done last year, however the skinks themselves had been neglected and never done, holding up the whole project. I had always planned on a Slann sitting on the howdah ever since I realized that a proper chair wouldn't fit with the Coatl icon on top. It also just feels right to have a Slann riding with such a powerful/rare artifact. 

The skinks I went with an orange scheme, as they are beast handlers/crew, so representing Itzl the Old One of beasts with their scheme felt appropriate. I painted the central back scales of one of the skinks a skull white as war paint, just because. 

Overall, I am really happy with this model, and have always loved it - I'm just happy to have it finished now! Or, nearly lol i technically have to secure the skinks to the howdah, but no glue atm, so yeah. Done enough for what I do, which is just paint and showcase, for now.

I hope you enjoy, Lord Ka'Rapixca and the Engine of Tepok 

Any C&C is welcome.







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Slowly making some progress on some skinks! Finished one for my Bastiladon, which for those that handle/ride beasts im doing an Orange theme to show those blessed by the Old One of beasts, Itzl. For my blowpipe guys im going more a green scheme, a more foresty/jungle sneak theme?

Making progress, pretty happy so far 😊 






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Hey everyone!

I finally finished this Star Priest and I'm pretty stoked about it. I think I did a real good job at making what i had in my head come to life on the model. I envisioned a Star Priest of Chotec with the scale patterns of a Sunset, and I think I captured that pretty well. There are a lot of wonderful sunsets behind my house, and they're often inspiration for color schemes.

I really enjoy how the colors play together, you have two very bright points with the orange scales and blue feathers, which help bring out the cooler purples and greens. Tue gold came out real nice too I think, not too heavy I think - I did a small wash of Cassandora Yellow on it also.

The staff's orb i was going for a "sun gem" or "sun orb" where a blast of light can come from, or was a thought at least.

I'm really pumped about this model, and still have 2 more to do! 😊











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