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Product Review: Gray Matter Gaming - Gaming Mats


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 Hello everyone!  Welcome to a very special review of a new product on the market from Gray Matter Gaming.  Andrew over at Gray Matter reached out to me to ask if I would do a product review of their new neoprene gaming mats and I jumped at the opportunity.  As a regular user of the FLG mats and having used the Tablewar mats at NOVA Open I was curious to see firsthand the innovations with this kind of product that has become a standard in the gaming community.  Check out the full review after the break and be sure to visit the Gray Matter Gamings Website and Twitter!


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Meh. I'm partial to mats with overlays myself. As noted you want the image to be a background not a focus so a $73 dollar picture that just makes a nice background is a hard sell for me.


For those who don't want the business of an overlay but want something a little better than a peice of green cloth this is probably a good item? Idk but I appreciate it's in the proper size since most stores I've been too havent changed their tables to reflect the new smaller board size so a nice roll out to keep it nice and simple is good.

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