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New IronJawz Player, Building for Event

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I was hoping for some feedback in preparation for a small 20 person tournament @ the end of November.  I am turning to the Destruction GA after building a Sylvaneth army and not really "feeling" the army.  I am not sure what it is, I think I find the wyldwood aspect irritating.

At Any Rate, I have started building some IronJawz and done some test paint schemes.  I think I am going to go with the yellow style as they just pop when viewed from above.  I think this may have been another problem with the Sylvaneth for me, so much brown and green they were really drab on the table.

I have purchased 4 Boxes of Brutes and a start collecting box.  I think I will eventually have a mix of everything but with another small purchase I can throw out a 2k list pretty easily and start training for the event in November.

Would this list be a decent one to learn the capabilities of an IronJawz Army?  I understand that a lot of people do not like the Shaman or Gruntas.  I don't really care about winning but want to field something that feels like it has a chance to compete.

That said, I would be curious on the feedback for the following list, as well as recommendations for load-outs.

Mega-Boss on Maw-Krusha

Orukk Megaboss

Orukk Warchanter

Orukk Weirdnob Shaman

Brutes x5

Brutes x5

Brutes x10

Gruntas x3

Ardboys x10


128 Wounds/2000 Points




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I personally like the Gruntaz, they've tied up units I'm not ready to deal with while the Brutes do the work. With their bases, they can also be a great screening unit to deny an area. Ardboyz are great at flying across the board and doing the same. Brutes will get the work done, especially when buffed by the Warchanter and Megaboss...you should see what they do by themselves against 4+ wound targets!

I can see the Weirdnob having utility, but I think the GHB made a mistake in his points cost which makes him less desirable. 

Your list pretty much looks exactly like mine will for an upcoming tournament on October 15.

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The gruntas are getting a bad rep. They won me a game the other day as they held off a horde of buffed blood warriors with their backs in range of an objective but holding the BWs outside of 6 inches. They are also super fast with destruction allegiance and the ironfist.  They can hunt down heros if you can get them around the back. 

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Rule of cool applies aye. That is what i did. I really like the look of the gore gruntas and the gore fist battalion makes them terrifying for opponents. yes its pricey points wise but x9 5 wound models covering the table turn 1 and causing serious damage to what ever they charge is a good way to start a game. 

As for the shaman imo he doesn't seem that bad, has its uses. Handy having those damage spells in a pure ironjawz army considering there is only 1 other ranged attack. 

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