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Alternative Vampire and Human sculpts - Free STLs


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as some of you might know I sculpted Miniatures for a former Kickstarter Campaign. Since the Company I worked for doesn't exist anymore (and never paid me a single Cent) I decided to put those Miniatures online for free. Currently these encompass alternative Sculpts for Vampires, however I might add more of my old Projects to the list of files. (Knights, Dragons, Elves, Ballistas, a Kraken, Scenery, Scenic Bases etc.)
Keep in Mind: I could no longer find polished, ready-to-go files (I made them 6 years ago), however I found the pre-final versions, which I am sharing with you (should all be printable!)

Terms of Use


The following text uses the word file, files, model or models which all encompass the following: Derivates of the Files, Models, as well as the Files and Models or parts of them. It also encompasses Renderings, Screenshots and other visual, haptic, digital or physical representations of the Models, the Files of Parts of them.
1. You may not sell the models, use them for marketing purposes or generate any kind of monetary value (including donations) by using the models in any kind of way. 
2. You must give Credit to the creator (JackStreicher - MadCake) if you post pictures of the models or if you distribute the files or derivates of the files.
3. Paragraph 1. also includes Renderings, Parts of Renderings or Screenshots and the likes.
4. The files are meant for personal use. However you may share, change or create physical copies of the files (you may not sell prints of the models). 

If you want to say thanks, feel free to buy me a coffee :)


Vampire Knights

Skeletons (Light and Heavy Armoured)

Giant Bats

Vampire/Human Character





P.S.: If this is against any kind of TGA's rules I will change the Thread to meet what the rules demand.

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I just downloaded it. Fantastic stuff! Very useful!

Thank you! I just bought you six coffee and payed for the fee!

Don't hesitate to share the rest or place it on cults. So you can earn more coffees with it. 😄

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