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Lord Relictor banishing an invocation


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Lord Relictor does not get +1 to banish invocations, because it is a banishing roll, not a chanting roll, see 20.3.2:


To attempt to banish an invocation, pick 1 invocation within 48" of a friendly PRIEST that is visible to them. Then make a banishment roll by rolling a dice. If the roll is greater than the answer value of that invocation, it is banished and removed from play. An invocation cannot be summoned again in the turn that it is removed from play.


You can give a Lord Relictor additional prayers known by picking a prayer scripture enhancement, but you can't give it the ability to chant more than one prayer a turn.

There are no invocations it can summon in Stormcast Eternals, but if you were to ally one into Fyreslayers, it can summon those invocations (Daughters of Khaine have an invocation but it specifies that only Daughters priests can summon it). Summoning invocations is a chanting roll, so the Lord Relictor gets +1 to summon.

Priests can indeed dispel endless spells in the same way as a wizard. Attempting in your own hero phase loses you a prayer attempt (like how a wizard trying to dispel gets to cast one less spell), but in your opponent's hero phase you don't actually lose anything for attempting to dispel an endless spell, whereas a wizard loses an unbind attempt for trying, so priests are generally better to have to dispel endless spells.

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