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Gloomspite gitz


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I'm new to gloomspite gitz and I have got 

1x fungoid

1x loonboss on mangler squig

1x mangler squig 

2x units of 10 boingrot dounders

1x unit of 12 squigherds 

2x units of 10 spider riders 

1x webspinner shaman on arachnarok

2x madcaps 

2x big bosses

And 120 grots 

I was wondering what I could put in this collection to put up a good fight against sylvaneth, dark elves, ironjawz and kohrne

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Wow, that's a lotta grots!  

Not gonna sandbag, the Gitz are in a rough spot right now.  However I think with some cunnin' you can hang in there and maybe confound your enemies nicely.  

First-get a Loonboss, regular kind unless the big one riding the squig can make the Grots Stabbem Good.  I'd probably go 2 units of 40 Grots w spears and max out all da nets you can put in them!  Those guys with the Loonboss' CA are super nasty.  You'll want that for sure.  Keep them nets in front too for their extra buckets of attacks and hit debuff.

Second-make a big mushroom hat and sickle to make a Madcap into another Fungoid Cave Shaman.  Those guys are awesome!  Extra CP possibility can't hurt and for their points they're durable with the ward save.

Third-I would definitely recommend getting the endless spells and Loonshrine if you don't have those.  Always take the Webspinner Wizard on Arachnarok and the Scuttletide.  He'll get +2 to cast that, and it's a super duper annoying spell for anything that can't fly over it, plus it basically has unlimited range I think coming out of any terrain piece the wizard can see?  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember that from games past (don't have my Gitz anymore unfortunately).

You have plenty of screen units like the Spider Riders and squigs.  Then sprinkle in the Manglers and Bounders as you can fit.  Since those can fly sort of hide them back behind the fast Spiders and possibly-fast squigs?  Never used them but don't those fly too?  Take the Hand of Gork spell on a Fungoid, and tellyport some Grots as needed to nab objectives after the fast enemies you're facing race to your side.

I might recommend 3-6 Rockguts too.  Those are great for Hand of Gork.  Even if they don't kill too much or score too much, they're one of those distraction anvil units who are tough to get rid of....and if not dealt with they can put the hurt on many units.  

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Thank you for your input I don't have any netters my grots are from battle for skull pass same as the mad cap. I've not got the endless spells or loonshrine but they are definitely my next buy along with the boss on giant squig which I'm also going to be using in my path to glory games I understand where you are coming from with the trogs but I was hoping to keep with grots (goblins) as much as I can I know they are weak but its still funny seeing people's reactions when I roll a bucket of dice I'd probably do more damage with the dice to be honest lol 

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