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Melee attack.



hey there

I've got Durthu, base to base with an other unit and they have been duking it out for a turn or two. 

Along comes an other unit behind my guy, but 3" away. I can reach them with my melee weapon (I'm durthu!).

Can I attack the newly arrived unit, and ignore the one I'm "locked" in combat with?

 even tho I've never charged it or piled in or anything?

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Is the enemy model B more than 3 inches away? If yes and you're not already in base to base contact with the nearby enemy model A, then, you can pile in toward model A such that you are now touching it (closer than when you started as the distance is now zero), but go around it such that you're now within 3 inches of enemy model B (or even rotate your base a little towards enemy model B.

If it's more than 3 inches away and you're base to base with model A, then no.


Edit - sorry you did say base to base with model A.

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if a model has moved so its "not within 3"" and you have a 3" range you cant attack it because even at your closest you should be at 3.000000000001" etc away from unit so this scenario just wouldnt happen.

A similar scenario that might happen and one the i think will still answer your question is if an enemy unit either charged you while you already in combat OR charged another unit of yours and as a result of charging that unit ended up within 3" of Durthu (which is allowed) in this case while you would be able to pile in (you can only pile in towards the nearest enemy so you are effectivly locked unless you retreat).

However ANY enemy model that is within range of your weapons however they ended up their and whatever your durthu happens to be doing at the time can be attacked without a charge or pile in.

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