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venom-encrusted weapons against ward



If I roll a 6 with my Kruleboyz, I inflict a number of mortal wounds equal to the damage characteristic.

The rule in the book says : that attack causes a number of mortal wounds to the target equal to the weapon's damage characteristic and the attack sequence ends.

What if my damage charcateristic is more than 1 (for example 2) what with wards of my opponent.

Does he has to throw 1 dice for the hit or 2 because of the damage (the number of mortal wounds is 2)? 

And what if there is an extra wound thanks to the Sludgeraker? Still 1 dice? 3 dices?

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Armor saves are 1 per wound.
Ward saves are 1 per damage.
So as an example:

  1. An attack with a profile of 3+/3+/-/3 against an enemy with a 4+ armor save and a 5+ ward.
    1. If the attack wounds the target makes a single save on a 4+
    2. If the armor save fails the target will make 3 ward saves, one for each point of damage, each success prevents 1 of the damage
      1. 1 fail and 2 successes means 2 wounds are allocated
      2. 2 successes and 1 fail means 1 wound is allocated
  2. You roll a 6 on the snatchaboss' grappling hook (3 damage) which deals an extra mortal since you rolled a 6
    1. The target makes 4 ward saves, one for each mortal wound.
      1. Each success prevents one of the wounds from being allocated


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