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One day 2K AoS tournament in Sweden 'The Marauders Massacre'


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Hey all, 

our club The Mjörn Marauders is holding a one day event on October 29th. Our event pack including ticket purchasing details linked below. Should be a really good day, we have a lush venue and absolutely stunning terrain! Hope to see you there! 



  1. Peter Friberg
  2. Emanuel Ström
  3. Jimmy Levinsson
  4. Böbben
  5. Niklas Sjöberg
  6. Patrik Torp
  7. Christian V
  8. Tyr Arne Eskil Johansson
  9. Erik Sala
  10. Björn Francke
  11. Mikael Magnusson
  12. XXX
  13. Jonas Fredriksson
  14. Daniel Terdell
  15. Johannes Elvin
  16. Victor Orstadius Fonsati
  17. Marcus Åkerberg
  18. Thomas Dolff
  19. Jens-Oskar Rosenqvist

marauders massacre.jpg

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