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Golden Demon 2022 UK Update!

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Happy to say for those of you that have been waiting, that tickets for Golden Demon 2022 up at WHW will go on sale on 1st August at 7pm UK time.

In summary

  • Event is running over 4 days - Thursday 29th September ~ Sunday 2nd October
  • Saturday and Sunday WHW will be ticket only and limited on numbers
  • Thursday and Friday will be normal days
  • You can enter a GD miniature up until 3pm on the Saturday - you WILL need a ticket
  • There is a special "Hobby Pass" event that includes a model and access to paints, pile of bits etc for you to paint a model
  • There will be a number of other mini hobby events running over the 4 days

Link to Eventbrite

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My reaction (which I'm giving even if you don't want it 😉)

Ticket only and limited tickets doesn't surprise me at all.  WHW isn't the biggest of venues and with Covid still an issue (Nottingham has been a bit of a hotspot), limiting the number of people on site is equally good and bad.

A four day event genuinely has surprised me, I'm intrigued what extra content we're likely to get on those days.  My biggest gripe is that for anyone who needs time off work or hotels (or flights), this isn't as much notice as we could have had.

I'm curious as to what tickets are a) going to cost and b) what will be available and c) how many.  We already know there will be at least a Golden Demon and Hobby Pass tickets on sale - will there be a "Entry Only" ticket because quite a lot of painters will just want to drop their model off and vanish until the presentation (though I personally think that unlikely).

I'm looking forward to them fleshing out what we're likely to expect over the 4 days!  Now I need to try and actually get a ticket...

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A response on Twitter and a bit of further clicking the weekend ticket price is £15.  That gives you both the option to enter miniatures into the competition and provides access to WHW over the Saturday and Sunday.  The Hobby Pass tickets are £30 per day for the weekend - from the looks of it that gives you access to WHW on the respective day, plus access to the paints, stations, bits piles & a miniature.

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