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Have: Darrakar (L.E. Guardian of Souls), Want: Garkorr (L.E. Bladegheist Revenant)


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Bit of a long shot, but...

For compulsive collector reasons, I'm looking for this guy, Garkorr, the 500th store limited edition Bladegheist Revenant:


For trade I have new-in-box and completely unopened the similarly hard to find Darrakar, the 2019 store anniversary limited edition Guardian of Souls, the one with options to build with either the usual nightmare lantern or a 'mortality glass' instead.


Ideally I would like the Garkorr to be similarly unopened, but given the model's obscurity I'm willing to accept assembled, just not already painted, so long as the model is undamaged and you promise to pack it in an extremely gentle but well supported fashion - Nighthaunt models being so frustratingly delicate.

Alternatively, if you happen to be near Baltimore Maryland or Washington D.C. we could make a trade in person.

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