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Akylas' Soulblight


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Hey everyone,

I've been planning a Soulblight army for a year now, or much longer going back to my first skeleton. Animosity IV started and I'm using it at the kick in the pants I need to get some painting done. I'll be posting my army as it grows here.

I'm starting off with my necromancer, Nyssa, some zombies and if I can finish this week a couple skeletons and am going to be adding models each week.


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Here they are after a night's painting. I am painfully slow. My necromancer has glowing purple eyes to represent her harnessing of the Shyish magic and not at all because I tried and failed to paint eyes on her. That would be preposterous.

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I painted, shaded and highlighted the main parts of the models but hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can work on the details that make them alive...err...not alive, but more animated, anyway.


Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a force to make Nagash proud.

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