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Ahoy ahoy!


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Ahoy all!

It's Zach from So.Cal's Chupacabrahs.

A mess of us down here are excited about AoS and we've been getting in games. The fervor of new GW support has helped the momentum a LOT! 

Currently, I'm rebasing my WoC nurgle army (and adding some Blight Kings) , Rebasing my Beastmen and working on the long awaited Khorne armies.

and of course, Manticores. Many many manticores.
So far, I have 3 and 2 more in the works. 


Excited to see the community grow! 

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Yep, I'm suffering from Manticore deficiency. 

I often ran 2 black dragons and 2 manticores side-by-side-by-sides in 8th.
I had a plan for 6 manticores (we played 2500 pts here) but 8th went the way of the dodo before I completed them!


Get cracking on those round bases , Ben! :P

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