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2K Fatesworn Warband from the Silver Tower


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Gaunt Summoner w/ Familars (120)

Fatesword Warband Battalion (120)

     Chaos Lord on Manticore (General) (300) - using Flail and Shield

     Cursling, Lord of Tzeench (140)

     Ogrid Tamaturge (160)

     9 Chaos Maurader (BL) (60) Using Karic Acolytes as Counts-As

     10 Chaos Warriors (BL) (180) - using handweapons and shield

     10 Chaos Warriors (BL) (180) - using handweapons and shield

     2 Chaos Gorebeast Chariots (200) - flail for the rider 

     5 Chaos Knights (200) - handweapons and shields

     5 Chaos Knights (200) - handweapons and shields

My great sadness is that the rule of one is hateful and leaves me to rely on hero's unique spells to zap things.  Otherwise I'd be much more confident in my teams lack of ranged support.  Most odd choices in weapons are due to the battalion giving everything rending -1 mitigating the cool factor of things like lances.


Any thoughts about the makeup / theme are appreciated.

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I built a Fatesworn Warband following SCGT - played one game with it and got kerb stomped by 4 Terrorgheist Flappies. Then the GH came out and completely killed it. Back to the shelf since then - if the heroes who become wizards are eligible for a Lore Spell, then it could make a come back.

They really could have excepted arcane bolt from the Rule of One - given that it's as generic a spell as they come; and the real abuse was mystic shielding the whole army.

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