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End of Times Project

Chaos spawn

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Hi to everybody, I am working on a macro army with all the chaos heroes and units that fought during the end of times, only mortal, no daemons or beast of chaos. The armies are:  

- The everchosen horde composed by the Swords of Chaos and other units led by Archaon

The Berserker Onslaught led by Valkia

- The Army of Skulls led by Skarr

-The Rotting horde led by Festak krann

- The Despoilers of Ostermark led by Crom and later by Akkorak the Crow

- The Rusting brotherhood led by Gutrot spume

- The glottkin army in the fall of Altdorf

- The Legion of the Flame led by Vilitch the Curseling

- The host of Sigvald

Some bonus lore armies:

- Asavar Kull army 

- Lord Mortkin army

- Morkar (the first everchosen) army

I pretend to update frequently with some pics and info, all the help with the lore is welcome. 


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