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Painting Celestial Hurricanums


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I have a couple of Hurricanums (one's a Luminark, really, but I figure I might as well paint both Hurricanums since they're so easy to swap) I'm painting up, and I could use some advice for painting them, particularly the sun-like ball in the middle of the celestial device (which I have to paint before putting the "cage" around it, I assume). I use P3 paints because I used to play Warmachine/Hordes and it's what I have, and Citadel technicals, shades, etc., because they are awesome. I was thinking for one of them a more traditional sun look, but I haven't had a lot of luck painting that sort of thing in the past. Maybe Heartfire with a Casandra Yellow or Fuegan Orange wash, then some Cygnar Yellow highlights and then a Morrow White drybrush? Maybe going the opposite way and basing with a Morrow White, highlighting with Heartfire, then drybrushing Cygnar Yellow? Any help would be appreciated. For the other one I was thinking pretty much the same but with blues or possibly greens for a cold-hot kind of look. I can go get Citadel paints if I really don't have the colors I need, but I would prefer to use what I have.

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