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1k Bloodthirster Bash


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I apologize for filling up the Chaos section with topics, but my enthusiasm is high as I plan out what to buy after I finish painting what I havexD

This is a small, 1k list that would probably be a good basis for larger armies. The idea was to squeeze in a Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage and surprise people, and to bring along some synergies that could help make the most of his special abilities.

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage - 280 pts.
Bloodsecreator - 120 pts.
Bloodstoker - 80 pts.

Blood Warriors (10) - 200 pts.
Blood Reavers (20) - 120 pts. 

Wrathmongers (5) - 180 pts.

Total: 980 pts.

The Bloodthirster's command ability only works on himself here, but it does help him charge more reliably. The strategy is to get him into combat ASAP, and with the buffs from the Bloodsecrator and Wrathmongers, he's making 6 attacks. This helps him try and get Outrageous Carnage off early in the game. The Blood Warriors and Reavers can help clean up and go after objectives. It's a one-trick pony, but it sounds fun to play; the 'thirster is a timebomb waiting to go off and I expect it to put a dent in anything at this points level.

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My concern is that he will be too far away to benefit from the wrathmongers to benefit from their buff.  He also might find himself too far from the bloodsecrator and an unsupported pile of murder would be at a disadvantage against a full 1000 points of an opposing army.  

You also have no psychic defense.  Might be important for keeping the BT in the higher levels of effectiveness.  


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Since the blood thirster of insensate rage is your general, give him the ability to get +1 to wound. Also, give him your artifact and use the +1 attack. If you can keep him in range of the wrath mongers he'll have 7 attacks hitting on 4's re rolling 1's, and doing outrageous carnage on 5's.

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