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Armies for Beginners


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Howdy Y'all!

I haven't gotten many games in since Warcry launched (Not Covid, but because the Mrs. had our twins just before all that started in 2020), and as our 5th Anniversary gift from her to me, I asked her to play a wargame with me. My choice is Warcry, because I really like the game and love how simple the rules are.

I'd like to know what warbands are simple to learn and are forgiving with making mistakes with. Likewise, what scenarios might be good to teach new people with.


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Coincidentally, I just played my first game against my wife the other day, too!! 😁

I'd recommend letting her choose a warband that she likes based on their look and lore. There are ways of making her first games simple, forgiving, and fun with any warband. I've done this with both my kids, heaps of family and friends, and now my wife and everyone had heaps of fun (including me as I didn't have to let anyone win).

For the first game give her 1,000 points and yourself only 500-600. Try to have roughly the same number of fighters so it looks kinda fair. Don't bother with Deployment, Victory, or Twist cards - just come up with an interesting scenario as to why her warband needs to beat the snot out of yours. After setting up terrain, let her choose whichever corner of the board she wants to deploy in and you deploy in the opposite corner. Don't use Abilities - just keep it to rolling for initiative, activations, movement, and attacks. Then, go hard and try to destroy her - odds are you won't even come close and she'll have a blast.

If she likes the warband, isn't drowning in rules, and leaves the game feeling like a badass, she's much more likely to want to play again. My wife went from "OK, I'll have a go, but I doubt I'll like it." to "Why the hell do we go to work everyday when we could be doing this instead!?!?". 😂

As she gets more comfortable with the rules, introduce Abilities and then finally Deployment, Victory, or Twist cards. As she gets better, tweak the points difference so that each game is fair and challenging for all.

Good luck and have fun!! 😉👍

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Honestly I've always found that first and foremost having an army that one likes the look/theme of is key. Without that everything else will seem bland. Beyond that I would say to look at the generic double for a warband--warbands with generalized, easy-to-use doubles are going to be easier to play and feel engaged with.

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