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Sylvaneth for £ or Fyreslayers

Rusted Weapons

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Hi all, I'm looking to sell or trade/sell combo my Sylvaneth for a Fyreslayer army. The army pics are attached hopefully sorry for the poor lighting, they're around 1/3-1/2 models fully painted, the rest are primed and partially painted to what I feels a good standard - minimum would be classed as tabletop ready! They're all based also and ready to go plus they've got a victory record of about 8-2 win/loss so pretty bad ass ;-)


  The army I have is as follows:


x 2 treelord ancients 600pts

x1 son of durthu 400pts

x1 treelord 260pts

x10 tree revs 200pts

x32 dryads 360pts

x2 branchwychs 200pts

x1 branch wraith 100 pts

x9 kurnoth (3 scythe, 3 sword, 3 bow) 540 pts

plus also I have 1 legit citadel wood base and 7 additional, fairly decent if I say so myself homemade bases from MDF which are citadel size so savings of about £200 on wyldwoods...bases without trees are playable.

Oh I have the battle tome too.


One off price for the lot would be £400 baring in mind I've put a lot of time and effort into these boys. I think the lot would retail around that price so price that in plus the 10000000 hours labour, I think its a fair price.


If you have Fyreslayers of a similar value then great, if its partial deals then let me know your thoughts.







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