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Bloodbound - Path to Glory


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Hello there once again,

After the chaos of trying to finish my Nurgle Daemons for the Warlords event at Warhammer World (56th in the end, happy with that as I didn't know it was going to be a competitive tournament!) I thought it was time for a new challenge.

My Beastclaw Raiders are still aiming to be done by Armies on Parade in a few weeks time but the week after AoP my store starts its first Path to Glory campaign with everyone randomly rolling their warbands up. After seeing so many cool Khorne warbands at the event and owning the Starter Set already it had to be them.

I chose a Mighty Lord of Khorne to lead my Warband and rolled for 3 followers on the retinue table and 2 on the hero table, leaving me with the following as my force:

Mighty Lord of Khorne

Aspiring Deathbringer


20. Bloodreavers


5. Wrathmoungers

Not the most synergising army ever but I'm pretty happy with it.

So I started with making my Warlord, the Mighty Lord of Khorne. I am apparently physically unable to leave a model unconverted and wanted my leader to look different than Khorgus Khul so ended up with this guy:


And then I started to work on my Blood Warriors (even though they're not in the warband and I may never roll them...). I love these models, and to me they are a great evolution of the Warriors of Chaos models. To emphasise this I have removed the gorefists from each of them and grafted on the Chaos Warrior shields. I've also made one into a standard bearer as well.




Let me know what you think of it all. Should be a few more updates over the next few weeks as I build the rest of the starter warband and paint it up.

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Nice conversions.

I'm a bit like you - I can't resist the urge to tinker with any multipart model, at least a little bit.

The simple shield swap actually changes the feel of the blood warriors quite substantially - I'll be copying your idea to make some more dynamic hand weapon and shield chaos warriors.

I'll be watching with interest.


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Thank you very much MyGeekyPersona.

I've done a test model while waiting for coats on my Thundertusk to dry and rather happy with the results. Still playing around with my lightbox so pics aren't perfect:


Was toying with the idea of doing a less common scheme but in the end decided the classic colours just look too good.

Let me know what you think!

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Looks great! I've also been experimentinb with a lightbox so that I could take snaps for the contest - the colour scheme is great and you've done a great job. Only slight suggestion would be a couple of chips, particularly on the shield as it is a big area? Just a thought though! Keep up the good work.

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Awesome conversion work! However, I don't want to sound harsh but I feel the bases don't fit with the army. The blue looks really bright compared to the red on armours. If the whole base was marble coloured with splashes of blood it would create some nice contrast without making complete rupture.

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Not harst at all Grunnlock!

A few others have said the same, but that actually was exactly the look I'm going for - light contrast to the dark armour.

I want them to look like they don't belong there, true invaders with just the blood splashes tying the two colour schemes.

Definitely not a technique for every army but a fun experiment!

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